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 2018 (COMPLETE!)

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Cheeky’s Journal - The Beginning...

       “The Monkey’s Out of the Bag!”  Well, at least that’s how my new journey started!?...  Not that life was bad before the “incident” but, I guess I should explain how it all happened before we move along with the greatest journal EVER!?.... 

You see I was a resident at the Fort Worth Zoo Gift Shop!  I lived over in the “Stuffed Animal Neighborhood” which has always been considered a pretty “plush” part of town with lots of nice folks there!  (By the way, if you’re not familiar with the area, it’s the neighborhood past “Animal Books Neighborhood” and “Loads of Crappy Plastic Toys Neighborhood” just before you get to “Stuff that has Nothing to do with the Zoo Whatsoever but has High Resale Value Nonetheless Neighborhood!”)  

Anyway, I used to just sit there day in and day out, with the rest of the inhabitants.  We met hundreds of people, mostly kids, everyday.  All shapes and sizes (some of these kids need to cut back on the fries if you catch my drift!)  with diverse backgrounds and demographics!?  Now I’ve seen many of these kids grab some of my neighbors and take them away on occasion.  Never really sure what that was all about?  Some would pick up a buddy of mine and holler something to the effect of “Ooh.  I want this one!”

“Want!?”  What did they think this was, some sort of Plush Animal Purchasing Center!?   “Trying to have a life here people!” We’d holler at them, but it was pointless, they ignored us!?....  Often times however we didn’t worry.  Their elder would put our friend back and say something to the effect of, “No!  He’s too expensive!”  or “No!  I told you you wouldn’t get anything if you didn’t behave!”  or my personal favorite, “No!  You wanted that stupid five dollar souvenir cup, so no toy for you!”  We didn’t care, we just heard the operative word - “No!”  That meant we were safe, at least for another day but it also meant the little person was about to leak and let out that horrifying shriek! 

Now I remember my abduction (we’ll call it the “incident”) vividly.  I was sitting there minding my monkey business and along comes this kid?  A nefarious little dude no more than say two and a half years old, three tops.  He’s looking over the neighborhood and then he grabs me!  “Bugger” I think!...His mom comes over; “Alex?  What do you have a monkey?”… “He’s cute” she says (Duh lady!) and the little dude goes Let's get Daddy a monkey and send it to him!?” and of course "Mummy" goes, "OK!" 

I was like “WHAT!”  Whoa, hold the phone (opposable thumbs people think about it!?)  What the “H” “E” double hockey sticks happened to the “He’s too expensive” stuff!?  Man this kid’s spoiled I’m thinking!  Well the little dude, Alex, nods and that was it, money changes hands and your truly is “sold” to a very proud and much too affectionate toddler!

So, I’ll fast forward through to spare you the horror of what happened to me but, suffice to say, I was taken back to their compound, stuffed in a yellow bag, dumped in a metal box, transported in complete darkness for 3 days!...  WTF!

At the end of the third day, I heard muffled voices and then this guy “Dave” opens the bag and pulls me out…  “Hmm, a monkey?  Wonder why Dawn sent me a monkey?” he ponders…

“You and me both pal!” I thought!  Apparently the little one thought I was cute!?...

So, I found myself hungry, tired and scared - I was in the lobby of the Super 8 in Fort Sumner, New Mexico!...

“#@&* Fantastic” I thought!?...


Well, turns out that I was a gift from this Little Dude Alex to his Daddy (aka “Dave” or at the time my pet name for him, “Warden!?”)

Dave was quick to explain the situation to me and that put me at ease!?  He said he was a “pilot” and was going to let me travel with him.  Said I’d meet all kinds of new people, see exciting places and take lots of photos.  I was skeptical but right out of the bag, he gave me a camera and said, “Here you go!  Figure it out!?”

That was about 5 years ago and I have to say, when I look back, Alex abducting me was probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me!  “Travel Broadens You” I read somewhere and let me tell you, I’ve been traveling!  It’s been a long time since I sat in that old neighborhood in the zoo but I have to say, I don’t miss it!  I think you’ll see why?  I hope you enjoy my travels as much as I have…