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Home of Darth M . . . MAN . . . MYTH . . . LEGEND . . . aka - D-MAN, Daytona Dave, Mage and of course The Cyber Kid...

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"fallaces sunt rerum species" - the appearances of things are deceptive

Cut out early again to grab some "tasty waves" - "D-Man Milkin' It." - DAB,FL. circa 1994


       Hello and welcome to the fourth and final chapter in my web-site quartet.  This section is #3 of 4 websites I have created for the "pseudo-conglomerate" - The FUBAR News Corporation.  In order to understand this section's purpose we must first take a quick glimpse of the other 3 (1,2, AND 4)...(humor me for 2 minutes and read on...)

       Section # 1, the Annex (OUTLINED IN WHITE), is home to the FUBAR News Annex (aka FUBARHQ.com) which has become the "main hub" and provides some original content including stories, pictures and news about various members of The FUBAR's organization (This being the FUBAR softball dynasty of the mid 90's and still going strong today.) In addition, this site offers links to some of what FUBARHQ finds are the more interesting sites on the INTERNET as well as some invaluable utilities.  It also features some jokes, cartoons and is the permanent home of the quarterly F.O.T.Q. (FUBARette Of The Quarter.)

       Section # 2, the Cyber Kid - DARTH M (OUTLINED IN BLUE), provides you with some general things and news/events about me, my friends (for those that have sites of some kind I can link you to) and my hobbies including Photography, Art, Music, Computers, Models, Aquariums and our newest venture - parenthood!?...

       Section # 3, the music (OUTLINED IN WHITE), is home to ATOMIC PUPPY and provides information and links to music compiled by yours truly and currently featured on music.download.com.  The music is all instrumental compositions and mainly of the dance genre, although I have some guitar and latin inspired tunes as well.  I have posted some of the music for you to download.  Be sure to read the history of ATOMIC PUPPY on this section's Music Page.

       Section # 4, the original parent site (OUTLINED IN MAROON), home of the FUBAR News Corporation, now provides a variety of links and resources in various topics and subject matter from Sports, News, Aviation, Links, Humor (to name a few) and is home to the now Infamous HOOTERS restaurant list!  Be sure to check it out.

       So, now that you know what's going on here, please find yourself a comfortable chair, a luke-warm BEvERage and prepare yourself for a journey into the mind of a genius...

     OK, maybe not a genius, more than likely a person with way too much free time but hey, at least I can make correct change 9 times out of 10!?...     

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