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ALEX Goes mobile!

Alex get's some "freedom" and new Wheels!


Hey Everyone,

Q1 2020 -

Q1 2020 started out with the FUBAR Robotics Corp, regrouping from their 1st competition and entered their 2nd Qualifying tournament.  The Young FUBAR heirs had another successful day and walked away with various awards, including -

2nd Place Inspire

Robot Finalist

1st Place Design

FUBAR Heir Alex “Back to the Lobby Buddy” M, then maneuvered over to the HS robotics program where he was integral in helping to build the field and assist as necessary with the team logistics.

FRC Team #3802 FRC Team #3802 FRC Team #3802 FRC Team #3802

Off to the UK in Feb to celebrate Gran...


AS the Covid Virus swept through the country, major league baseball (among other sports) decided they would have no fans.  However, you could purchase a "doppleganger" to occupy a seat in the stadium for the games.  Alex was one such lucky fan for the Texas Rangers...


Q2/Q3 2020 -

It was during the end of Q2 and onward that the FUBAR CEO/Founder began to turn to inward to creative outlets and so, with the FUBAR Heirs, The Dave “Darth Mater” and Master Alex “Monkey” and Jess “Bunny Bean” would begin to create an entire world of fantasy tabletop gaming scenery - from scratch...

Various pieces to be used for D&D campaigns included -

Dungeon/Tavern Tiles (J), Farley’s Tavern (D/J), Farmhouse (J), Phandalin Gate-House (J/D), Farley’s Residence and Mini-Dwellings (D/J), Sister Graele’s House (D/J), WTBC - Wizard Tower Brewing Co. (D), Griffon Fountain (D), Market Tents (x7) (J/D), Fur Trader Scatter Terrain (D), Repainted Evergreen Trees (x24) (D), Windmill (Store House) (D/J)

Dungeon Tiles (Raw) Dungeon Tiles . Dungeon Tiles Tavern Tiles
Farley's Tavern Farmhouse .  Gatehouse (Front)  Gatehouse (Back)
Farley's Tavern & Innkeeper's Residence Mini Dwellings .  Sister Graele's  Sister Graele's
Wizard Tower Brewing Co. Wizard Tower Brewing Co. .  Wizard Tower Brewing Co. Fountain
Market Tents Boats .  Windmill Dice Tower

Middle of Q3 saw S.M.A.R.T.-III (Super Mini Awesome Road-Trip) which would take the Cyber Kid and entourage to West TX to enjoy a weekend VRBO in Glen-Rose, TX which allowed the troupe to social distance around downtown Glen Rose, Granbury, Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim Wildlife Park.  A nice little getaway before the kids headed back to school.

S.M.A.R.T. III S.M.A.R.T. III Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley
Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley
Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley
Fossil Rim Fossil Rim Fossil Rim Fossil Rim
Fossil Rim Fossil Rim VRBO - Dinner  
Additionally, End of summer saw the kick-off of the 2020/2021 FTC season Ultimate Goal.  The RoboRangers (Team 9010 would regroup and begin to brainstorm ideas for what would be a mostly/all virtual competition season).

Finally, Q3 would end with the Cyber Kid contracting the Covid Virus and spending two weeks in total “isolation” (Lucky to have a spare bedroom - the Cyber Kid had zero interaction with the kids or animals) and left to deal with the symptoms.  For 14 days the Cyber Kid basically binge watched various TV (Ozark S 01-03, The Expanse S 01-04, Raised By Wolves S01, Peaky Blinders S03-05, Stranger Things S02-03and The Boys - S01/02 and played The Last Of Us Part 1. 

Jess & Landon Work on JARVIS



  Care Package from Bobby D (Magic Coffee Beans to defeat the virus!)  

The Cyber Kid also painted some minis... (Goblins (x13), Dwarf, Elves (x3), Steam punk Dragon (D), Farley (tavern owner), Pseudo Dragons (X2), Wood Piles, Raven, Wizard (Amranthe), Wizard (Red), Wizard (Blue), Undead Monster, Undead King, and a Female Fighter.  Additionally - The Cyber Kid finished the restoration of a vintage 60's KENT Polaris I guitar!

Goblins Dwarf Elf Wizard

Farley Farley & Scatter Terrain Undead King Female Fighter

Q4 would start off with the Cyber Kid released from "Covid-Jail" and felt pretty much like any other FALL with Alex & Jess heading back to school, the Cyber Kid continued and completed a restoration of a 1960’2 KENT Polaris I guitar as well and Jess & the Cyber Kid took task to painting up some D&D dragons Red Dragon (J), White Dragon (D), Blue Dragon (J), Black Dragon (J), Green Dragon (J) and a Steampunk Dragon (D)

Kent Polaris I (Pre) Kent Polaris I (Post) Kent Polaris I (Post) Kent Polaris I (Before & After)
Red Dragon White Dragon Blue Dragon Black Dragon
Green Dragon Steam Punk Dragon Silver Dragon
The "Flock" Before & After & Scale

Q4 rolled out with all the socially distanced Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday extravaganza one could muster during a year which constantly reminded us to give it the middle digit!

The group enjoyed TSO and AJR live streamed events, an entire movie to themselves to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and a Christmas Eve Carriage ride.

"It's A Wonderful Life" Whole Theater to Ourselves Carriage Ride

As 2020 was a "write-off" year, here's a collection of some various random pics from the year...

Blueberry Picking Mother's Day (Paper) Flowers Kids "NASA" Day New Craft Area!
We Rented a Farm! We Rented a Farm! Moose & Daddy (Hairy Face Boys) New Mask!

And finally - Just want to take a moment to honor a few people who mean the world to us!  While 2020 has claimed so many, these folks stood out for us...

Gran Gen. Yeager Gen. Yeager
Jimmy Glenn David Prowse David Prowse David Prowse

So, that will bring us up to date for this edition of the Darth-M news.  Once again, if you want a "MORE" detailed idea of what the FUBAR I've been up too, be sure to visit the Kids Photo Albums and my Aviation Adventures albums for loads more pics!  (Most of which are still forthcoming but 2018 is all up to date!)

Pics in Aviation Adventures, and Alex, Jessica!with COMPLETELY NEW albums titled KIDS - a combination albums for both kids! (Click either button below to head over there!)


Also, don't forget - all FUBARHQ video content is over on www.VIMEO.Com/FUBARHQ where frankly, they're just a lot more laid back!?  So, any and all new FUBARHQ video content will find itself on VIMEO servers.  Anyway, read the updates below and the send off..  Talk later       

CHEEKY'S "continuing" adventures now contain 10 albums and 2100+ captioned photos, be sure to check out his website -




       A gift from the FUBARHQ, FNC and Dave to you - don't forget to check out the FUBARchives over at the FUBAR News.  It's for all of our dedicated comrades and fans as a small token of thanks for 26 years! - There's so much content to download! 

Oh and before I forget -

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       As always, you can still (as if you haven't?) READ/DOWNLOAD (FOR FREE MIND YOU!?) an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...
SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

Until next time; "We know you have a choice when it comes to web surfing, thank you for choosing ME today!"  After all I do put the "ME" in AWESOME!?... ;oP

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)

CEO/Founder FUBARS (est. 1989)

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PS - Did you know, 5 years of MAXIM Magazines, over 10 years ago, would've looked like this on your bookshelf?...

BTST - Been There, Surfed That

OH, and just in case you still don't have this memorized (YET)!?...

Since I left you last I was entertaining a major coffee habit but two years ago I was able (in about 4 days actually) to go from 5-6 cups a day to one!  While I do still drink 5-6 cups of "coffee" a day only one of them now actually is caffeinated!  So, with this I felt I needed to update my four cups list! -

There are four cups of coffee consumed in the morning.  Each cup is named/labeled by the emotional state that it facilitates in the drinker.  The four cups are labeled as follows -

1. :oI - The "Up" Cup (Decaf/Optional 1/2 Caff.);  to wake you... as the smooth aroma entices you and the silky taste prepares you for

2. :o) - The "Happy" Cup (The FULL One w/ Caffeine!); as the neurons start to fire and the body kicks to life, shifting into "high" gear,  a sense of well-being overcomes...

3. :o[ - The "Angry" Cup; (Decaf) "well-being" is cast aside as the desire to choke the living daylights out of a random stranger for all the problems in the world ensues... plus you no longer get the rush from the caffeine so that pretty much bums you out...

4. :o\ - The "Motivation" Cup (Decaf/Optional 1/2 Caff. cup);  after realizing that violence isn't (necessarily) the answer and the fact that you've been sitting at the coffee shop for a few hours, this cup "snaps" you back to the reality that you actually have "stuff" to do and so, with this refill... you leave... and either get some stuff done (if you went with the Caf) or crash on the couch (with the Decaf option!)

There you have it...  Now go grab a cup of mud and indulge a bit...


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