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ALEX & JESS Visit ENDOR Woods!

Jess & Alex Visit the Ewok Village (July 2018)


Hey Gang,

       So where the heck has Darth M been for the past 18 months​?  Well, again - the easy answer REALLY Freakin' busy!  We left you way back in January of 2017 with the kids heading into their Regional FLL Competition for the ANIMAL ALLIES season.  Under the guidance of Head Mentor Dave "Darth M" - the young engineers didn't disappoint with a solid showing in the Core Values, Team Project and Robot Design categories however, the icing on the cake was the Axis Of Eagles taking the Top spot in the robot game with just a few matches on the day remaining to win the 1st Place Robot Game Cup!

Eagles Play Damsels & Dragonflies Axis Team w/ 1st Place Robot Game Cup JARVIS MK-II and all it's accolades!

       Darth M and kids completed the first quarter (Q1) of 2017 with another quick hop over the Central, FL to visit their favorite School of Witchcraft & Wizardry!  In addition to getting their money's worth at Universal Studios (during the annual Mardi Gras festivities), the group did get to visit Bachi & Papa John on the East Coast, FL as well as some strategy gaming time with Uncle Mark & Aunt Maria in Orlando.  The trip did culminate with a marathon 16 HOUR "Non-Rev" (Travel Pass) adventure home when the flights got tight and they had to fly from Orlando, FL to Atlanta, GA and then pivot to Houston, TX.  From there the trio would get a one-way rental car and drive back to Central, TX!... Brutal Day!...

Bachi, Papa-John & Co. Daddy's Office! I WIN Uncle Mark! Aunt Maria!
Gryff & Claw Universal Mardi Gras 2017! Universal Mardi Gras 2017! We have Landed!

       So, of course, next we rolled into "Spring" Q2-2017 and that wouldn't be complete without the Young FUBARians busy with their sports endeavors!  Alex, coming off a break from baseball (he ran Cross-Country), tried out and made the Eagles Middle-School Baseball Team.  Jess on the other hand was still a REC "Eagle" with (Dad) Darth-M (and FUBAR Hall Of Famer) still holding the reigns for the team as Head Coach.  (If you recall, last Fall saw some drama as the inaugural season for the Eagles with Darth M at the helm finished with a .500 (4-4) season and a First Round Playoff Elimination.) 

       Well, solid off-season recruitment, along with continuing the Darth-M process ("Instruct" Rather than "Coach") into the Spring 2017 season didn't disappoint.  When the dust settled, the Eagles girls were able to repeat their Spring 2016 season and win the Spring 2017 Post-Season Tournament for a 2nd time!  Jess was able to put in two commendable innings on the mound in the final game to help the Eagles take the Day!  Some pics...

Alex get's one at Second and tries for two! Alex putting a little work in behind the plate!

Jess 2017 Card Jess puts some more work in behind the plate! SPRING 2017 CHAMPS!

       Of course we cannot talk about Q2-2017 without the goings on at the Annual Dallas Comic-Con!  Darth M and Co. of course attended the 3-Day event.  The Major highlight was when the FUBAR CEO/Founder Dave "Darth M" arranged for Alex & Jess to meet Stan "The Man" Lee!  Here's that photo along with some other highlights...

Jess & The Captain Alex & Jess visit with Stan "The Man" Lee! Mr. Stark and Alex

       The rest of Q2-2017 followed the usual Annual pattern.  The FUBAR Heir Alex (aka "Little Dude") turned 13!  Jess played loads of volleyball (of course the Eagles REC V-Ball was very successful again), there was a Renaissance Faire visit, a "mini" British Invasion (Rachel & Thomas dropped in for a week), a trip the National Video Game Museum (World's Largest Pong!), Loads of Dungeons & Dragons, Opening Day for MLB Baseball AND oh yea, Unicorn Frappucino's hit the street?  Take a look...

A Dwarf, Three Elves and a Human Walk Into a Tavern... Let's Get Medieval! World's Largest Pong Game! Opening Day 2017!
Jess Returns a Serve... The Fool Hearty Show Sir William Breaks His Lance PURPLE DRINK!!!

       Q3-2017 would yield Jess' 10th (and 1st double-digit) Birthday!, Summer shenanigans and loads of pool-time.  School was out, so the Young FUBAR's enjoyed various activities including a hop across the pond for a trip to jolly Ole' England while Darth M hung back to hang with the pups and hook up with some (Geek) buddies!  The end of the summer dropped a quick trip to San ANotnio, TX for a few days of last summer Hoo-Rah before school fired back up!  Here's a mix of stuff!...

Some metal for the kids! (TX) Honorary Eaglette! (TX) Frances & Jess acquire new "buds"?! (TX) Train ride! (Gran,Nathan,Jess,Alex,Great Gran,Honor)
Grandad & Jess! (UK) Yup!  Figures! (UK) Top of the Rock! (UK) We're NOT scared of the Horrible Maze!?... (UK)
Mi Tierra Cafe (Est. 1941) (San Antonio, TX) Share a Coke with... (Six Flags, San Antonio, TX) Congress Street Bats! (Austin, TX)

       So, with the summer behind us, the kids rolled into the Fall (Q4) of 2017!  There were loads of events, visits, and of course holidays!  To start, the Yanks came to town and Darth M was able to meet Ruben Sierra!  The DCC Fan Days Event was again upon us for a few days of Comic-Palooza action.  The Eagles REC Softball Team, dominant all season, ended up in a 3-way tie for 2nd place and a poor coin-toss yielded a seeding that pitted the two best hurlers at each other in the semi-finals - The Eagles wound up in 3rd place.  The Eagles REC volleyball team on the other hand took a Winter League Championship!  Aside from that, the Yanks came to town, there was NASCAR racing, awesome concerts, we said good-bye to one of our dear friends and Darth M and Little Dude took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit "Mecca" and watch the Steelers beat up on the Browns...  Here's all the pics!...

Ruben Sierra! Yankees Rule, Rangers Drool! New Dungeons & Dragons Set-Up! DCC Fan Days!
Jessica #11 - Catcher Eagles REC Softball Fall 2017 - 3rd Place Eagles REC Volleyball - Winter League Champs Fall Out Boy!
Alex goes for the NASCAR Experience! Grandad & Grand-Mum Visit!! Imagine Dragons! Bye Bye Pignite! :o(
Axis of Eagles compete at Local Qualifiers! Grand Champions - 2nd Place! Are You Not Entertained? Brrr!  Pittsburgh's Cold!

       So, that brings us into Q1- 2018 and obviously - SPRING!  The Quarter started off with another impromptu trip to Central, FL (in MArch) to visit Bachi & Papa-John as well as spend some time with Uncle Mark & Aunt Maria.  The FL trip also yielded a trip to BUSCH GARDENS amusement park (for a change of pace.)  The quarter would wrap up with Alex "Little Dude", again playing for the Middle School Baseball Team, and Jess playing for the Eagles REC volleyball squad yet again!  Here's some pics...

Eagles REC Volleyball! Hoots Clearwater, FL! Visits with Bachi & Papa John...
Mark & Alex take a stroll... Maria & Jess tend to the puppies...
Alex & Mark talk land plans... The kids hit Daytona Bike Week! Strategy Gaming Time! Busch Gardens - Front Row!
Alex tries to put the metal on one... Alex with a rare "Mound" appearance Little Dude just beats the throw back to 1st! Family Game Day!

       Q2 2018 would see Jess revisit her role as a primary catcher for the Eagles REC softball squad for the Spring Season however, this year had yet another twist?  Darth M always has a trick up his coaching sleeve, and this season was no exception, as the Eagles REC 6th grade squad played UP a full level into the REC 7th grade league!  The thought process behind this decision was -

A. Give the girls more experience with the "Full-Size 12" softball. 

B. Face tougher competition which always challenges you to become better

C. Play closer to real "Full Rules" softball sooner as the Eagles have always been a step above when it comes to their mental game!  

       In addition to softball greatness, the Young FUBARians were busy with many other endeavors.  Grand-Dad and Grand-Mum made an unscheduled stop (from Oklahoma, OK) to Central, TX on their Route 66 tour.  The Dallas Comic-Con hit the Major Convention Center for another 3-days of Geek-Dom and Fun as well as the "Mini-British" invasion once again hit Central, TX for some fun in the sun (including some wake-boarding and BEvERageS)!  .Here's the 2018 Quarter 2 pics in all their glory...

Eagles 2018-1! Eagles 2018-1! Eagles 2018-1! Eagles 2018-1!
Dallas Comic-Con 2018! Have You Seen CAH-RULL?! Dan "The Man" Panosian Red Sonja Original by Panosian
Jaime & Emily & Cheeky! My Zombie Family Can Eat Your Family! The Infamous Ireland! KISS/VAMPIRELLA Cover - E
Jess' AR Record! AWESOME! #1 Volleyball Girls Again! The Adventurer's... Still Adventurering! Ms. Leah Visit Central, TX!
Jess' Gymnastics Award! Jess' Fairy Shoot! Kids Wake-Boarding (Jess, Frances, Thomas & Alex) Jess! (Bunny!)
Alex (aka Little Dude) Frances! Thomas! Jessica w/ BEvERageS!

       And so, finally - we get to Q3-2018!  July began the Quarter with SMART 2018!  The Super-Mega-Awesome-Road-Trip (SMART) 2018!  While there are some pics from that trip below, the rest Will be available in the KIDS photo albums at a later date!  In addition to SMART 2018!  The FUBARians enjoyed a trip overseas to the UK, which also netted a sweet ride home in DELTA Air Lines "DELTA ONE" Business Class Suites!  We celebrated Jess' 2nd two-digit birthday (her 11th!) AND she acquired a brain-appendage-device (an updated iPhone!) BUT more importantly a NEW Doggie!  "Zoey" became the newest e=member of the FUBAR clan and the 3rd Aussie to the pack!  Little Dude also rang in the NFL season with much Steeler-Nation fanfare.  Additionally Alex and Darth M made it to a quaint little comic-show where Darth-M acquired an original piece of Bernie Wrightson art and finally Darth-M went to see STP, The Cult, and Bush - Once again, reliving his 20's by watching bands from the '90's!?  Here's some pics of all that coolness!

Stillers! Jess Pets UK ponies! More Off-Road Action for Little Dude! DELTA-ONE Home!  (Spared No Expense!?...)
The SMART 2018 Route (Clockwise from SLC) San Diego, CO Hollywood, CA (Hogwarts!) San Francisco, CA
The Grand Canyon (Guano Point)
New Pup - Zoey! "Hey!  Whjat are we doin'?  Can I go?  Can I?!" Mummy, Jess & Critters! New Phonage!
Wrightson Original Art! Jess enchants a Free LEGO HP train! Alex enchants a free LEGO HP train! Ravenclaw VS. Gryffindor!
STP! The Cult! Bush! Bush!

       Sp, that will bring us up to date for this edition of the Darth-M news.  Once again, if you want a "MORE" detailed idea of what the FUBAR I've been up too, be sure to visit the Kids Photo Albums and my Aviation Adventures albums for loads more pics!  (Most of which are still forthcoming but 2017 is all up to date!)


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There are four cups of coffee consumed in the morning.  Each cup is named/labeled by the emotional state that it facilitates in the drinker.  The four cups are labeled as follows -

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2. :o) - The "Happy" Cup (The FULL One w/ Caffeine!); as the neurons start to fire and the body kicks to life, shifting into "high" gear,  a sense of well-being overcomes...

3. :o[ - The "Angry" Cup; (Decaf) "well-being" is cast aside as the desire to choke the living daylights out of a random stranger for all the problems in the world ensues... plus you no longer get the rush from the caffeine so that pretty much bums you out...

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