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Jet-Setting Around the World!

Arrival into Kiev, Ukraine (Jan 2009) "Looks a bit chilly down there!?"

Hello friends –

        So what has the Cyber Kid and his faithful monkey companion, Cheeky, been doing through the last quarter of 2008!  Flying and traveling!  Enjoying the fruits of labor – literally!  Having a multitude of layovers I’ve seen additional destinations such as Malaga, Spain; Georgetown, Guyana; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Edinburgh, Scotland and Moscow, Russia with repeat visits to Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain and London, England.  International travel continues to treat me well and on 12/28/2008 at 0517Z en-route from Buenos Aires at 36,000ft., I finished my probationary requirements!  Now I’m officially in “The Family.”

       In addition to jet-setting around the globe, I was able to get some time in early Nov. to hit Daytona Beach for a little R&R and the annual ERAU/FUBAR Reunion.  Good times had by all, hanging out with FUBAR Hall of Famer Mark “Armadillo” and long time FUBAR supporter Candy.  Cheeky was even able to partake in the festivities having promised to behave himself if allowed to go to the infamous Ocean Deck with “the Kid!”  Debauchery and Shenanigans aside, the reunion, although quaint, was a success as Mark and I once again discussed our plans for world domination. 

 Oh, and here's some additional pictures from the weekend long festivities -

The Infamous Armadillo's Candy w/ Cheeky Mark and Candy caught by the Cyber Kid's Lens.
Me, Carrie and Andy (w/ the Drinking Problem) Angie, Darth M and Candy Darth M and Candy

On a side note, everyone thought is was quite amusing when yours truly, Darth M, decided that the sour cream that came with the Nacho's (on Wed.) was too good to pass up and so, provided everyone with a photo op.  Well, a few weeks later while visiting Gibraltar of all places, nature has a way of mimicking real life, or vice versa - Enjoy (at my expense of course) -

Human? Ape? Ape? Human?

Anyway, other than all my adventures - the Little Dude and Rabbit have been quite busy as well!?  Heading over to the UK in November with Dawn; Alex and Jessica got 3 weeks of visiting with Grandma and Granddad, Great Grandma and their Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  Just before the UK venture however, the little people were treated to a trip to Sea World - Alex enjoyed feeding Dolphins with Mummy while Jessica wanted no part of the freakishly large fish!  The Cyber Kid of course enjoyed the Anheuser Busch hospitality house for a complimentary BEvERage or two!?...

The Little Dude continues to progress in karate having achieved the levels of Orange belt and currently Green belt (Look out kindergarten, there’s a new sheriff in town!)  Jessica Rabbit is fully mobile now and walking all over the place, so it's really starting to get hectic around the HQ!

The little people also enjoyed a festive holiday season with the Little Dude getting a brand new “moto-bike” and the Little Bean got a couple of babies and some ponies from Santa who made a special delivery on Dec. 21st so that Daddy could see them open their gifts!  (He does that sort of thing for parents who work out of town you know!?...)  Lots of good holiday cheer had among all!?

Little Dude on his Brand New Rocket! Bean tearing it up Christmas morning!...

Over in website news, be sure to see all the new pictures of ALEX and JESSICA's adventures in their galleries, and all the new pics in the MY AVIATION ADVENTURES gallery as well as all the FUBARHQ news and content -

REMINDER: In Photo Gallery News, ALL of the PHOTO GALLERIES have been REDESIGNED with a new navigation interface!  Be sure to check out the new pics and old ones - all with their new look and feel!!!  As always, there's ALL NEW pics in My Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica Artwork!


Oh and before I forget -

I’ve made major in-roads on FACEBOOK.  So if you have a profile and some free time, be certain to visit!


For those on MySpace, you can still visit me there at -


ATOMIC PUPPY is also featured on MySpace along with free music downloads at music.download.net (total listens have topped 62,000!)  Be sure to check out the fanfare over at the Music side of the house...


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       You can still READ/DOWNLOAD an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...
SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

So until the 2nd Quarter '09, grab a nice hot cup of sweet brown nectar ("Coffee" for the layman) and enjoy...

Until next time; "We know you have a choice when it comes to web surfing and we're glad you chose to surf the FUBARHQ!"

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)


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