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       Hey gang, here's the news.  I have fully recovered from my sporting injury and have since began to exercise and work-out once more.   

        I had planned to get the first draft of my book completed during my down time and I am happy to report that, that goal was achieved.  

        The Rule of Thirds as it is titled contains 23 chapters and approximately 400 pages.  With some 111,000 words, this is by far the largest project I have ever undertaken and did it in a mere eight months, give or take ten years.

         My colleague on the project currently has the manuscript and is reading it to provide his flavor to it.  I on my end will soon begin the task of the second draft and tweaking what I have done so far.  In the meantime I will read The Two Towers and get ready for the movie in December 2002 and wait for my friends notes.  Again, be sure to watch for the big release in 2003! 

       On to other news, I have made some major updates to this site, to include new links in the Friends section, and a bunch of new pictures in the Hobbies/Photography Page as well as some more pictures in the Aviation/My Adventures page.

       Dogs, Fish are all doing well. We recently traded in our 15 gallon saltwater reef tank and upgrade to a 72 gallon reef tank.  The new inhabitants can be seen in the Hobbies/Aquariums page as well as a inventory of the critters.  Be sure to watch for the 100 gallon, freshwater upgrade, which will be coming soon.  Chewbacca (Dog #3!) has settled in nicely and her and Scout are best buddies.  You can still see a pic of her in THE KIDS page

       Don't forget to check out the FUBARHQ Food Page  where I have posted all the Hooter's Restaurant's I have visited.   The list hasn't grown since last time, but I am working on it.

Other than that, that is about it, be sure to visit the others sites as I update content as I have time and there is a new FOTQ of course at the FNC Annex - www.FubarHQ.com

So, till next time, take care, fly safe... 

DARTH M (from the ground...)

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