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       Hey gang, here's the news.  I had to spend two days in the hospital last week due to a sports injury.  Luckily, the option to heal naturally versus surgery was presented and I find myself with a couple months of R&R.  So, while I am taking it easy, I plan to get the first draft of my book done.  I have just finished Chapter 12 and if you remember, the book is slated for 23 chapters with an additional two (Prologue and Epilogue.)   So, I am in the heart of it right now and plan to get into it very deep these next weeks.  As I said last quarter, my colleague on the project has taken up additional duties at work, so when he gets to review and add his flavor to the manuscript is still to be determined.  For now though, I will use this time to plug away at the core of the book as I have been. As I said before, be sure to watch for the big release in 2003! 

       I have finally made updates to all of my websites (including the ATOMIC PUPPY site, which has all 5 CDs there and which you can go purchase at MP3.com?)

       Dogs, Fish, hamster and wife (although a little stressed over the hospital visit) are all doing great and Scout & Keighley are just acclimating the newest member of the family  - Chewbacca (Dog #3!) You can see a pic of her in THE KIDS page

       Be sure to check out the FUBARHQ Food Page  where I have posted all the Hooter's Restaurant's I have visited.   The list is growing (although it will not increase until I can get traveling again) and is quite large now...

So, till next time, take care, fly safe... 

DARTH M (from the ground...)

FUBAR News Corporation