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This page last updated 08/24/2011      

       In our STUFF section we guide you to some of the best freeware/shareware apps./sites the net offers (alright there may be one or two you have to fork out some "green-backs" for but they are totally worth it!)  Anyway, be sure to download and check out the first 6 programs listed - they are 100% free and all of them are invaluable tools for a happy, healthy PC - IMHO.  For what it's worth - EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM ON THIS LIST HAS BEEN USED BY FUBARHQ (or it's affiliates) - We suggest ONLY what we like and USE!  Newer programs are annotated with an "*"...
  Google PACK! Here's a great selection of FREE software from Google (includes NortonAV, Picasa2, among others!)
  Search & Destroy Kill all that spyware.  Scans and helps erase embedded spyware files... who's watching who?
  AdAware Another spyware/adware killer.  Helps find the stuff Spybot doesn't (and vice versa)
  Windows Defender Great Anti-Spyware program from Microsoft - So far it's free - Grab it while you can...  Maybe the best!
  SpywareBlaster "Active" anti-spyware protection.  Free download, nice compliment to the three above.
EmptyTempFolders A great program to erase and clear all those annoying cookies and temp files...
* Kidzui Kid safe online browsing!!!  Great for the curious youngsters!
* PC Decrapifier Get rid of all that unwanted "bloat-ware" on your new PC
* 7 Zip The ultimate unzipping program - Includes a "Portable" version for your USB drive.
* FoxIt Reader Get this PDF reader that works as good as Adobe without all the size and hassle!!!
* DROPBOX Begin your cloud-computing experience here - Synchronize docs across multiple PC's/Smart Phones, etc!!!  FREE!!!
* FBackup 4 FREE Back Up software - Make compressed images or full mirror copies of data to HDD drives, USB drives , etc!
* Renphoric Rename a few or thousands of files at one time - Easy and Free!!!
* XM Play The tiny, FREE, Portable, Powerful MP3 player!!!
* VLC Player The All-In-One Multimedia Player!!!
* AVIDEMUX Need to cut down some of those .avi files?  Here's a no non-sense way to do it.  Just cut and save!
* RAD Video Tools Need to convert MOV to AVI - Look no further!!!
* HANDBRAKE Need to convert multimedia files into MP4 format - Then this is open-source program for you!
* FREEMAKE Like YouTube Videos?  Here's two nifty programs so you can download/convert them on to your PC.
* LIGHTSCREEN Portable screen capture program that allows you to capture an entire or selected area of your computer screen as .jpegs
* SUPERAntiSpyware Detect/Remove thousands of spyware, adware, malware, etc - Portable version too!
* GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program - Like Photoshop; But FREE!  Portable Version too!
  Portable Apps Grab a USB "thumb drive," download this suite of apps and take mobile computing to the next level!!!
ANALOGX this site is full of tons of free, useful applications for audio, internet and much more....
  PICASA 2 Awesome photo viewer and editor from the fine folks at Google.  A Must Have! (see #1 above)
  SUPER Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer (SUPER) - 'nuf said?  This one is AWESOME!
  Virtual DUB Video Capture/Processing Utility - Great for adjusting video - compliments the SUPER util. nicely.
  DVD Shrink Free Backup solution for your DVD Movies!
  Audacity Freeware open-source software for recording and editing sounds!
  JAlbum.net Want a nice interactive photo album?  Then this is the program for you!  Used for FUBARHQ.com galleries!
  PC INSPECTOR Lost of nice FREEWARE File recovery and system tools. 
  America's Army Free FPS from the US Army.  Just awesome! Like the FPS games, grab this one... Can't beat free!
  Knight Online World Free MMORPG Game.  Like Everquest, you build characters, level up and kill monsters! - 'nuf said?
  CEE.GEE.NET Free movies - THE HUNT & CODE GUARDIANRendered with "off the shelf" graphics software!!!
  TERRAGEN Terragen is a very versatile FREE 3D landscape and rendering program, get it and plug-ins here...
  3PLANESOFT.com NOT FREE but, these are some of the coolest screensavers I have ever seen - I own several! (3D card required)
  Reef Screensaver  (demo) At $10 NOW at most stores, this Reef-tank screensaver just gets better and better! (3D card required)

If the link doesn't work, GOOGLE the program name below!!!



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