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FUBAR Legends - Steve "Hand-job", Mark "Armadillo", Brian "Captain Caveman" and The Cyber Kid at the Deck '05



       So what has the Cyber Kid been up too for the end of 2005?  We'll like the rest of the gang, lots!  Check it out - 

       Back in October, the Cyber Kid went to a ComicCon and met all of your favorite Sci-Fi  stars in one amazing spectacle.  There's no point in going into details, just let the pictures speak for themselves - 

Commander William Riker (Johnathan Frakes) R2D2 (Kenny Baker) Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew)
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) The BeastMaster (marc Singer) and Beru Lars (Bonnie Piesse)
       In a word - Awesome!  A great turn-out of talent and dreams (No, not the circus kind of dreams Engel, the ComicCon type! You Dumb@$$!)   Anyway, it was a great place to buy "toys"... 'er "collectibles" and stuff that I could bring home and "play", I mean put in my Cryogenically Enhanced, Dust/Allergen-Free Vacuum-sealed storage unit - Also known as "The Four Lights Room." ...

OK, moving on, I had fun at the show and I was even able to get an autographed picture from Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo for Mark "The Armadillo's wife and FUBAR Uber-fan Maria and deliver that the following month at the FUBAR Reunion.  Judging by her reaction, she loved it; maybe a little too much if you ask me...  sorry Mark looks like you're out, Sorbo's in?...  

       Well, that was the gist of the ComicCon, total Geek-fest (loved every minute of it) but aside from that ... HEY!  Where you going?  We're still not done with the news people so if you will all please remained seated, the ride has not some to a complete stop...


       So on Boxing Day (A Commonwealth public holiday, which was synonymous with the boxing and exchanging of gifts that would normally occur on this day by the slaves) the Cyber Kid flew up to NYC for a day in the city (Manhattan to be exact) and to revamp his brother's (aka Thrillseeker) steam-driven computer which has succumbed to the normal infestation of ad-ware, spy-ware, and ad-bots one could expect to encounter when routinely subject to porn sites!?  Anyway, we started out in Lower Manhattan (South Street to be exact - talkin' Brooklyn Bridge people!) and trekked all over the city but, on a whim the Cyber Kid grabbed a phone book in a dingy pharmacy and looked up the address for a bar called FUBAR (I've been talking about opening a joint called FUBAR since when? '91?)  Well anyway, we found it!  That's right folks, nestled in the heart of New York, someone actually had the brass cahones to open a place called simply - FUBAR; A bar whose motto claims - "You want to go where nobody remembers your name."  

       So, arriving at the place (305 E. 50th NE corner of 2nd Ave), it was like finding a lost sibling.  Felt one with the place immediately and the bartender Lauren was great - friendly, courteous and humoring the Cyber Kid and his entourage (of 1) by listening to all of the FUBAR "Glory Days" stories (although she couldn't be persuaded to buy a copy of the FUBARchives even after I showed her a picture of the "Cool 1" - That usually seals the deal right there for both women AND men - Hell Engel bought 4 copies afterward!?)   Anyway, where was I?  Oh right, Lauren was great and the locals were just as neighborly and so, after a few hours of reminiscing with total strangers, old #23 turned into a Pumpkin and off we were.  It was good times had by all... well, except maybe the locals...  and Lauren?  Anyway, If you're ever in the Big Apple near 50th and 2nd, stop by and give 'em a  "Hey, How you doin'"  or if you prefer because you never have any intention of going to NYC, you could just check out their website and play a few games (Also here's a few pics of the joint) - 


Cyber Kid @ FUBAR - New York City (50th @ 2nd Ave.) Bartender Lauren was great - Treated us like family

Article posted outside the door - NY Daily News 2/10/99

Lauren showing off FUBAR's huge selection of spirits.


       So moving back over to the personal goals side of the house, nothing new to report on the screenplays SKY HUNTERS and KNIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN (although they both have a final draft done now.)  I have however been continuing to work, off and on, on  a new screenplay titled OVERCAST but I have to admit, I haven't gotten much past the first scene (I'm still waiting for the story to take ME somewhere.)  Also, I've been brainstorming another screenplay with the working title THE POWER.  

       On the book end (he he), the novel RULE OF THIRDS is still sitting on the back burner and due some well-deserved attention, possibly another edit, soon (at least that's the plan anyway!?)  Always remember that in the meantime, you can still read/download the earlier draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...

SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1
DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

Well gang that's what I got, I'm off like a prom dress - Places to go, people to meet (all that jazz.)  Make sure you check in for all the updated pics of Alex (about 80 pics added)  by pressing the ALEX link to the left (or below.).


       And again, don't forget there's all the FUBAR REUNION Happenings at FUBARHQ News 11-2005 or this link


Until next time, TTFN

Dave, The Cyber Kid

FUBAR News Corporation


Until next time, take care, fly safe... 

DARTH M (from the ground...)

FUBAR News Corporation

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