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  Hey guys, well it's been a busy first half of 2004.  Sorry I've been slacking with the web updates, but frankly, I had other things to worry about... like the birth of our son, Alexander - Baby extraordinaire and future FUBAR Hall of Famer.

        I've been busy all spring trying to get as much "solo" projects done, knowing that I would find time hard to come by once Alex was to make his grand entrance.  (Have to say, it was the most amazing thing I've seen in my life, well except maybe that time I went 2 for 3 with 2 runs and a RBI with a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding... that was pretty amazing too!)

       But I digress.  New goings on in DARTH M-land since Alex arrived just mere days ago.  Those would be (to name a few)- 


Feelings of Guilt


Sleep Deprivation

Loss of Control

       Sounds like fun huh?  I highly recommend it  (Honestly, it's just awesome!)  The plus side, we can drink our favorite BEvERageS again - Ah, the madness is silenced.  Why I made  deal with Dawn that if she "couldn't" drink for 9 months, neither would I.  All my close friends who heard that, immediately said - "What a DUMB@$$.  You could've had a designated driver for 9 months!"  To answer your next question; "No, they do not have children of their own :o)"

       Other than that, that's about it.  I mentioned solo projects earlier, of those, I have re-edited the my screenplays SKY HUNTERS and KNIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN as well as the first half of RULE OF THIRDS, you can read the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by following <clicking> one of the links below..


SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1


       Well, that's about it except for the new "look" of the FUBAR News Corporation web-site.  That is a direct result of new web-hosting.  No more banner ads, and good bandwidth for the next three years.  You can visit FUBARHQ NEWS to read all about the new goings on at FUBAR HQ, but be sure to look around.  You can go download music from the ATOMIC PUPPY Sight, get a feel for the instrumental music (e.g. techno/new age) I have compiled..

       Anyway, better run, Alex sure does cry a bit and I'm fast becoming a diaper pro.  For the rest, go get some pics and visit the rest of the sight.  Lots of new changes and updates.  Be sure to visit the Message Board and post a message, or register for the free chat room.  Maybe I'll see you in there? Be sure to check out the MY AVIATION ADVENTURES page for any new pics.

       PS. check out the FUBARHQ Food Page more Hooter's Restaurant's  - total now at 82 and counting.

Be sure to check my other sites for updates www.FUBARHQ.com


Until next time, take care, fly safe... 

DARTH M (from the ground...)

FUBAR News Corporation

copyright, OUTSIDE THE CUBE 2003.


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