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Cyber Kid & Little Dude INVADE DISNEY! (and a Sci-Fi Con!)

Cyber Kid, Little Dude and Kim Possible - "Daddy, I don't want to see Kim Possible."; "Yes you do, now just smile kid!..."


       Hello friends; Well the Cyber Kid had a huge 4th Quarter of 2007.  With the continued growth of the newest member of the FUBAR Clan, Jessica the "Little Rabbit," the Cyber Kid and Upper Management have been quite busy.  However, even with the tight schedule, the Cyber Kid was able to attend the annual Sci-Fi Expo AND manage a road-trip with the FUBAR organization to Walt Disney World, FL.  and Daytona Beach (for the annual FUBAR reunion and drunken orgy!?... no wait, we just meant reunion!?...) 

       So, where do we begin?  Guess we'll start with the Sci-Fi Expo.  The Cyber Kid, attending Han Solo, was fortunate enough to attend the annual Sci-Fi expo and meet a bunch of iconic (and lesser known) Sci-Fi/Fantasy characters of 20th century fandom.  Pictures speak louder than words, so just enjoy the memories -

Cyber Kid w/ Steve Sansweet (Dir. of Content mgmt. & Head of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm - Also has the largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia

  Cyber Kid with Monique (aka Tomb Raider's Lara Croft.)  She was shopping for, you guessed it, Tomb Raider memorabilia

Cyber Kid w/ one of the "Empre's finest" Scout Troopers

Cyber Kid w/ a Jawa  (aka Marshall, 7 years old!  Nice outfit!)

G.I.Joe legend - Snake Eyes! (actually a guy in a cool costume!)

"Nice Masks!";  "Those aren't masks!!!'; "Oh, sorry, my bad..."
       OK, now that we've geeked/dorked out, let's back to Disney trip news! 

       So, aside from the Sci-Fi expo, the Cyber Kid made a Road trip to Walt Disney World Orlando, the greatest (and most expensive) theme park in the world!  Loading up the entire FUBAR Organization the Cyber Kid made a marathon road trip (adding 5 Hooter's to the list along the way) to central Florida for the annual FUBAR Upper Management Reunion and FUBAR Organizational vacation.  The Little Dude, Cyber Kid, UK Mummy and Jessica "Rabbit" made their way to the place "where dreams come true."  Little Dude and Jessica (along with the Cyber Kid and Mummy) would get to meet their Disney movie icons!!! (such as Kim Possible!  See photo right )

Check out all the fun we had (on your dime - you know, member dues and all?) ...

Little Dude points out that Darth Vader is, in fact, in the house! Now, how do we convert a '77 Impala into this SWEET ride?... (Figures not included.  Some assembly required.)
Alex - "I waited an hour for this - worth EVERY minute!!!" "Waited for this guy too!  Love CARS!!!!!
Little dude had breakfast w/ Goliath from "Jojo & Goliath" ... and Leo (nabbing a hug) from "The Little Einsteins" - Awesome!
"Join Me, Little Dudicus.  Join me on Star Tours; the " ... "But I'm too short!" :o(  "Wait, never mind. Daddy snuck me in!" :o)  "Great kid, don't get cocky!"
Blueprints to the Goofy Coaster - The preferred ride of the Little Dude! (Least favorite - Pirates of the Caribbean!)


       Aside from the pictures shown above, the Little Dude, Jessica Rabbit and entourage were able to meet Buzz & Woody (Toy Story), Mike and Sully (Monsters, Inc.), Winnie the Pooh & Friends and various other Disney characters (all the pics in the Alex & Jessica Photo Pages.)  All in all a great time.  After the fun in central Florida, the FUBAR Advance Response Team (FART) made their way over to Daytona Beach. 

       Note: For all the going's on at the FUBAR News Corporation, be sure to check out the latest FUBAR NEWS!!!  (You can click now if you'd like but, you'll miss all the good stuff below!?...)

       So, even after all that and running through the holidays including a road-trip to Austin for Turkey Day, a new Lionel train set-up for the X-Mas tree and a lucrative visit from old Saint Nick, the Cyber Kid was also able to squeeze in a hockey game in Dallas, TX featuring the Dallas Stars hosting the Minnesota Wild.  Offered third row seats behind the goal (yup, the Cyber Kid was on TV!) the Cyber Kid watched at the Stars defeated the Wild 8-3 in a "goal-fest!"  Sweet seats, good game...

#35 Marty Turco waits for the action to get back to Stars territory. Cyber Kid w/ the Ice Girls - Stephanie, Alyssa, Angie & Tracy

       Anyway, that's all I got this quarter.  In the "Cheeky" journal news - Please continue to be patient; I know I've promised it, but it's taking just a little bit longer. - The Cheeky story IS coming!  I still have a few projects I'm trying to pull off the back burner and serve up as well!?...

       Again, I've added some more pics to the MY AVIATION ADVENTURES page and don't forget to visit the Cyber Kid at MySpaceGo check it out and leave me a comment or friend request...


      ATOMIC PUPPY is also featured at MySpace and free/total downloads at music.download.net have topped 52,000!  Be sure to check out the fanfare over at the Music side of the house...


       And finally the FUBARHQ has added some more video content on www.YouTube.com.  FOUR (that's right I said 4!) more videos can be viewed so click the link to check out the new content.

 OH, don't forget, Check in for all the updated pics of Alex (104) and Jessica (48) just added - click the ALEX or JESSICA links below (That's 150 NEW PICTURES folks!)



       PS - Same story, STILL nothing new to report on the screenplays SKY HUNTERS, KNIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN or OVERCAST and THE POWER either.  One of these weeks!?  Maybe?  Perhaps?

       The RULE OF THIRDS is still on the back burner as well, but you (that's right you) can still read/download an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below... "Please.  Buy my product!"

SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

So go grab a  frosty BEvERage and enjoy all the new stuff!

Until next time; "A's On, B's Off, Brake Released, Ready for Push! ... See ya!"

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)


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