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Gryffindor & Ravenclaw Houses  (November 2016)


Hey Gang,

       So where the heck has Darth M been for the past 14 months​?  Well, easy answer – Freakin' busy!  We left you way back in October of 2015 with the kids in Fall Softball & Baseball, Darth M coming off another Comic-Con outing (this time the Alamo City Con) and getting ready for the big holiday season!

Alex Cosplaying ANY Star Trek Red Shirt! Jess found "some" new Stuffies!

       So, we will begin with the Young Fubarians busy with their sports at the end of the Fall 2015 seasons.  Still acting as primary pitching/catching coach, Alex's team was knocked out in the early stages of play-offs despite some valiant effort, the boys just got out-played.  Jess' Eagles (where Darth M acts as development coach) on the other hand were looking solid with an 8-0 record, League Champions, and a sure bet to win the tournament, fell short in the Championship Game and ended up with 2nd place.

Alex concentrates on contact... Eagles take 2nd Place in Fall tournament!

       Oh yeah, the end of 2015 also saw Darth M and Co. head over the Old country for a Nathen & Honor's wedding.  After which the entourage regrouped back in the US...

Kid dresses up well. The little Bunny Princess Honor & Nathen

       So, the end of 2015 also saw Darth M coaching in a new endeavor – The FLL (First LEGO League) w/ Alex and 3 of his classmates competing in the Robotics based competition – themed Trash Trek!  The team named “Axis Of Eagles” (a play on “vectors” and the “school's endorsement”) had a very late start to their research season but saw Alex put an immense amount of time into the robot strategy and while the team did not advance past the initial qualifier round, they did take the 1st place trophy for the robot game portion of the competition  The rest of 2015 was wrapping up school semesters and getting geared up for holidays!

Axis of Eagles - 1st Place Robot Game From left - Alex, Coach Steve, Sean, Kian, Nick & Coach Dave

       So, holidays behind us, the beginning of 2016 was all but with new scheduling demands in beginning of 2015 - Super-Aviator Darth M saw more flying than usual and found himself in his hometown - The Big Apple.  Hooking up with none other than the infamous Lou-Man from “Da Bronx” - The dynamic duo went out on the town including a stop at the brand new Hooters location near Madison Square Garden.  The event marked the 200th Hooters location for Darth M and Co

Crazed Lou-Man in Time Square! Hooters #200

       The new year (2016) also rang in with new school semesters and just going through the motions of flying, work and school.  Before we knew it though, the Spring sports cycle was on us again, with Alex resuming his baseball endeavors and Jess continuing to play Volleyball and Softball.  While Alex's Scrappers dayw ere numbgered - ALex was able to go back to his former team the Spartans - Under new management, the team had a slow start, but a much more enjoyable season as they did manage to pull together a decent record and make it all the way to the quarterfinals before they were eliminated in tournament play.  Little Dude finished with solid performance at 1st base and ready for a break!

       Jess on the other hand came into Spring softball with a team that went through some “restructuring” as Darth M was announced as the official Assistant Coach and more importantly, the Head of Development for the team.  Taking some new “team” centric approaches, the Eagles finished their season with a 7-2-1 record BUT, Finally won that elusive Tournament Championship with 3-0 tournament play.  In personal news - Jess continued to improve upon her pitching and fielding work but really showed her potential with solid plate discipline throughout the season.  More to come on softball later!

Alex (switch-hitting) puts one in play... Jess continues to find the plate!

       So, as the Spring rolled on, we said goodbye to one of our own - Alex's longtime buddy, his hamster Squeaky, after 3+ years of great companionship finally passed surrounded by family and friends.  Not to be long without companionship, the FUBARHQ added yet another new addition to the family!  Mr. Moose (aka “Big Boy”) an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees, came to reside with the family as Alex's newest buddy!  (FWIW, Mr. Moose, at 85 pounds, is basically the polar opposite of a hamster.)  Mr. Moose took to the family and has settled in quite nicely although he can sometimes forget how big he is and loves to pretend he's a lap-dog!  (We need bigger laps!?) 

Moose & Kids - Day 1! We NEED a bigger couch! Alex & Moose take a walk.

       As the kids rolled into the end of the school year and as May came, Darth M and Co visited Billy, Annie along w/ Rachel and Master Thomas in Central Florida for some Disney Magic and Universal Fun!  Purchasing annual passes for Universal (you'll see why later!), the, now dubbed, “YEAR OF HOGWARTS” began!  A whirlwind tour of central Florida region put the entourage in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and The Magic Kingdom,  Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Parks, Clearwater and Daytona Beaches to hook up with Unclae Mark & Aunt Maria!.  Needless to say – busy but loads of fun!

Girl Vs. Boys! Gang's all here - Disney Hollywood Studios! Hanging w/ Maria & Mark - New Smyrna Beach!

       And so, as the dog days of summer hit, there was yet another comic-con to attend and the obligatory sleep-away camp and wild abandon that the summer has to offer.  Darth M went to Cleveland, OH to take part (somewhat) in the tomfoolery that the Republican National Convention had to offer but primarily was there to meet up with Mark A. and hit Cedar Point to ride extreme roller coasters!

Darth M & Avo at Cedar Point Millenium Force Republican National Convention - Police standing watch!

       And As the summer waned and school began - the prospect of Fall-Ball rapidly approached.  Now, of course there wouldn't be central Texas youth sports without some drama!  To start, Alex's Scrappers team disbanded and without the prospect of a team and the knowledge that School Spring ball next year should provide an opportunity, Alex decided to take the Fall season off from baseball and engage in Cross-Country!  Jess's drama on the other hand wasn't so black & white.  The head coach of the Eagles decided to take his daughter “select” and left the helm of the Eagles in the hands of Darth M.  That would've been fine except for the fact that almost a third of the team also decided to take a break from the game.  However, with some phone calls and putting out the rally cry, the Eagles started the season with 13 eager players.  Ending the season with a planned 4-4 (Play .500 Ball and Develop All) record the girls finished 3rd in the league but unfortunately took a first round elimination loss in the tournament.  Jess continued to improve and really stepped up to become the primary pitcher w/ a season strike percentage of 36.6% (including a 45.45% in that sole playoff appearance w/ her longest outing of 55 pitches!)

Jess finds the plate again as she continues to improve season over season on the mound! Softball Card - 'nuf said!

       November came and with it, the arrival of Nathan and Honor.  With a planned traditional “American Roadtrip” the 6 souls set out for the 20+ hour drive to central FL where they would partake in various activities, not the least of which was a few days utilizing those Annual Passes at Universal Studios.  Also included in the itinerary was swimming w/ Manatees, Swimming w/ Dolphins, A traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at Mark and Maria's Numenor Kennels including the BLACK FRIDAY sales craziness and all that was sandwiched inside trips to the Tampa/Clearwater area!!

Jess Alex Dawn Honor
Overly bright Mississippi! Bachi & Papa John's Turkey Day At Numenor Kennels!
Hogsmeade Village Hogs Head Red & Butterbeer! Universal Studios

That trip would wrap up all the major events until the the FLL initial qualifier round in the beginning of December.  As Fall ball ended back in October, so again we rolled into the beginning of the FLL robotics season - With some personnel adjustments, the newly refined Axis of Eagles were ready to get into the action for the Animal Allies competition season!And so, with new team members Francis, Skylar, Kennady & Jess joined Kian & Alex and with over 600 hours of time into their Animal Allies research/practice season, the Axis of Eagles had a tremendous day of competition.  They scored 2nd in the Robot Game BUT took 1st Place - Grand Champion for the day advancing them directly to the Regional Qualifier!

Axis OF Eagles - Gunnin' For You in 2016! Grand Champions - 1st Round Qualifier Can't be winners without cake!

       Finally, Christmas 2016 rolled around and of course the Darth M would hook up with the infamous artist and BevERage drinking buddy Simon “F-ing” Bisley at Stan Lee's Marvelous Nerds Year's Eve (MNYE) Comic-Con in Downtown Dallas.  In addition to “after-con” shenangans, Darth M was able to hangout with some famous folk, including CLERKS cast, Agents of Shield royalty and none other than Darryl Dixon's brother Merle from Walking Dead fame!  Good times!

Stan "The Man" Lee Ming-Na Wen (Mulan) Scott (Chewlie's), Brian (Dante) & Marilyn (Veronica) Tim & Michael Rooker (Merle)
The Biz (aka Gandalf) & Darth M Simon "F**ing" Bisley Mr. B, Dave, Biz, Scott Harben & Tim Mr B. & Darth M - Braindead
The Legend at Work! Jess convinced Simon to draw her a dragonfly picture! "Charity" work for the Axis Of Eagles

       Well, that brings us completely up to date!  If you want a "MORE" detailed idea of what the FUBAR I've been up too, be sure to visit the Kids Photo Albums and my Avition Adventures albums for loads more pics!


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