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The Cyber Kid Moves HQ & "Little Dude" Makes MLB Debut!

Alex (aka "Little Dude") takes a massive cut!


       Good Golly Miss Molly it's 2013!

       Well, it's been about 10 months since the last DARTH M update!  Apologies (to those who actually care) for the delay but it's been a very hectic and exciting time for the Cyber Kid, Family and FUBAR HQ as a whole!  There's so much new news, we'll do our best here at the FNC to fill in the blanks?

       So, when we last left our fearless leader DARTH M (aka "The Cyber Kid") he had just returned from a trip to Central America and Little Dude had just finished up his second baseball season!  So hitting July, here's where it all went...

       So July came and went and Little Due looking for a change of pace took up Tennis lessons to see how that would pan out?  Well, like a fish to water (and much like his baseball!) Little Dude showed some promise for his first experience with the sport.  Just three weeks into the lessons and he was already beginning to get a handle on backhand volleys and serving..  However, with school rapidly approaching, Tennis was shelved (temporarily?) for the upcoming school year.

       So with the school year well entrenched, The Cyber Kid flying around the US, it wasn't long before the 2012 DCC Fan Days was upon us!  With a three day pass, The Cyber Kid decided to divide and conquer again by bringing Little Dude on one day and Bunny Bean the next!  Of course the kids were (not) more than willing to get dressed up for the event and "make" new friends?!...

  Little Dude shows Agassi how it "supposed" to look!?...
Luke (aka Little Dude) & X-Wing Luke (aka John Stamos?) Jessie (aks Super Girl) with Zenescope artist Jamie Tyndall...
Jessie as Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) Jessie - Eagles #11 (Goalie)

       So that took us through September and of course the big news was the relocation of the now Infamous FUBARHQ...

       Throughout the end of August through Sept. the Cyber Kid and members of the FUBAR Upper Management team began a hunt for a new, larger, location for the FUBARHQ.  Having spent 12 years in the former location, the FNC was, quite frankly, out of space!  So with the prospects of a new locale, the Cyber Kid began the burden of painstakingly cataloging, itemizing and packing the FUBARhives and FUBAR artifacts.  When mid-October was upon us, the FUBAR's were fully moved and the FUBAR Moving Team had all ready began the task of "redesigning" the new, living, breathing FUBAR HeadQuarters! 

       Now, through all THAT hoopla of moving, we here at the FNC cannot of course forget about Jessie's (aka Bunny Bean) soccer season that took place throughout all the turmoil!  Despite all the school events, relocation of all of her worldly possessions, dinner's, DCC Fan Days,, Jess was able to still manage to find time to devote to her Eagles Soccer Club (ESC)!  All that hard work and dedication paid off as well as Jess was able to secure a spot as starting and primary goalie!  The ESC unfortunately finished near the bottom of the standings but, with her countless saves, Jess did her best to prevent teams from scoring against their faltering defense! When asked about her team and play, she only replied;  "I did my best!  That's all I could do!"  We here at the FNC will continue to watch this space for the newest member of the FUBAR's Future Players To Watch Club!

       With that task complete, FUBAR Hall of Famer A.J. "BigFoot" B. and his lovely wife FUBAR Super Fan Carrie along with offspring and various other FUBAR elite, were over at the new FHQ for Turkey Day November 2013!  Also know as the Thanksgiving Refugee Dinner!

Beth and Super Fan Carrie @ FHQ!

A.J. shows off the guns during 12oz curls!




       So thus, 2012 would round out nicely with an impromptu visit with some of the Hooters Calendar girls (pics below), a visit from 'Ole St. Nick and finally a quiet celebration at the New Year's Eve celebration at the new FHQ!

       NOW, 2013 came screaming in as the Audit/Tax division of FUBARHQ dusted off the abacus' and began the painstaking process of counting the beans!  That of course would continue through May but we'll take a stop off in Feb. where the Cyber Kid along with Little Dude and Bunny Bean attended the 2013 DCC Sci-Fi Expo! (pics below)  Once again decked out for the occasion, the FUBAR Future Hall Of Famers were eager to meet and great their fans!

Pics of the Calendar Girls visit and DCC Sci-Fi Expo 2013!  KEEP GOING - MORE NEWS BELOW!  Including Little Dude's MLB DEBUT!


Little Dude hangs with the Owls! Kristian & Linsey Little Dude and Miss Linsey Come have a pint w/ Little Dude & Ms. Mercedes.
Jessie Sci-Fi "Pre-Game" Jess w/ Tammy, Jessica & Tiffany Jess w. Queen Amidala
Can Han come out and play?! :o( Little Dude w/ Jessica & Tiffany Darth Jenn & Little Dude!  "It's useless to resist!?"

       So finally with all the Sci-Fi Expo shenanigans behind us, the Little Dude, Bunny Bean and the Cyber Kid decided to take an impromptu two-day whirlwind trip to Daytona Beach, FL to bvisit with FUBAR Hall of Famer Mark Avocado and then drive across to Tampa, FL for a surpirse visit w/ Grandma!  Let's just say that the logisitics of traveling w/ two kids (DURING Spring Break AND Bike Week) made for an intense and hectic 48 hours.  All that said, after one additional car rental, an unplanned departure airport drive AND an unscheduled hotel, the Cyber Kid and entourage safely returned to Central TX for some much needed R&R from their R&R!?...  Highlights included having the kids see both my "former" and current "offices", Mr. Dunderbak's Blue-Max,  and of course puppies! - Lots and Lots of puppies!!!

More PICS from the Trip below! -


Capt. Little Dude and F/O's Bunny Bean and Cyber Kid in the Boeing 757 cockpit.

Can I Keep Him? Oh Man, I WANT this guy! Mater's w/ Armadillo's! Hanging out w/ Bachi!

       AND now, Finally, the news you've waited for!  Back in April, Little dude, was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go to an MLB Player's Association Alumni Baseball Clinic (FREE)   While at the clinic he was provided training by former MLB players in 9 different stations including, Pitching, In fielding (x2), Out fielding (x2), Bunting, Batting, Catching & Base running.  The highlight was the Pitching station where former World Series Champion Pitcher Claude "Gomer" Osteen ('65 Dodgers & All-Star '67, '70' & '73) pulled Alex for some one on one and said he looked - "Perfect!"  All in all a great day and an even better segue into Little Dude's birthday Month of May where he MADE his major league debut!

       With a sell-out crowd of 46,228 (including 20 of his closest friends and family), Alex "Little Dude" Mater was presented with his Major League Debut at the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, TX.  As the feature for the Dr. Pepper "Steal A Base" promotion, Alex was given 35 seconds to run from Left Field, Pick Up Third Base and Race back through the ribbon!  The Video is available on the FUBARHQ's new VIMEO Channel! 

       Little Dude was successful in his endeavor having completed the nearly 500 foot run in 34 seconds!  The official time on the Jumbotron was stopped with :01 seconds remaining as the future FUBAR Hall of Famer crossed the ribbon to the roar of tens of thousands of cheering fans!  For his effort he was awarded a Dr. Pepper T-Shirt AND an official Texas Rangers Third Base (complete with post) to take home!

       Some pics are posted below and all can be seen at better resolution on Little Dude's 9th Album!...

  Little Dude gets pitching tips from Claude Osteen!
Little Dude awaits his big moment... THE FREAKIN' JUMBOTRON!!! Dude w/ Six Shooters Allison & Emily

Little Dude digging deep for the last effort... Official time was 34 seconds with :01 second left on the clock!


       Well that brings you up to speed on all the "MAJOR" Darth M and entourage happenings!  Of course, next quarter, we'll update you on FUBAR Future Hall of Famer's continued baseball progress as he is now (after succeeding in tryouts) playing for a select organization named "The Spartans!"  With nearly two months of Spring Training, the Little FUBARian has secured himself a lead-off batting slot and a place in middle infield playing primarily short-stop/second base and rotating to right center!

       In addition to Little Dude's baseball success, Bunny Bean has also begun her SOFTBALL career for the EAGLES.  The Eagles are off to a promising start as they finished their first game tied and Jess went 2/2 w/ a Run!  Of course both of the FUBAR heir's are receiving quality coaching as FUBAR CEO/Founder Dave "Darth" M is providing one on one training with Little Dude and is the Primary Hitting Coach for the Eagles!  As always the FUBAR News Corporation will bring you ALL the exciting details as these seasons progress through early summer!

Little Dude about to hit another one in his 3/3 performance. Dude runs for home! After game celebration w/ fans!

       Well that's officially it for DARTH M specific news, ON a FUBARHQ YouTube note, after much deliberation and frustration with the continued syndication and distribution rules and regulations that YouTube continues to implement, the FNC has decided to migrate all of the FUBARHQ content over to www.VIMEO.Com/FUBARHQ where frankly, they're just a lot more laid back about crap like that!  So, any and all new FUBARHQ video content will find itself on VIMEO servers.  So update your links appropriately!  Anyway, read the updates below and the send off..  Talk later


CHEEKY'S "continuing" adventures now contain 8 albums and 1700+ captioned photos, be sure to check out his website -


       A gift from the FUBARHQ, FNC and Dave to you - don't forget to check out the FUBARchives over at the FUBAR News.  It's for all of our dedicated comrades and fans as a small token of thanks for 23 years! - There's so much content to download! 

Also, as always, check out ALL the new pictures of ALEX (Ninth Album COMPLETE!) and JESSICA (Fifth Year Album IS complete and her Sixth Year album already has 360+ pics) adventures plus all the new pics in the AVIATION ADVENTURES gallery as well as all the FUBARHQ news and content -

As always, there's ALL NEW pics in Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica!


Oh and before I forget -

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ATOMIC PUPPY is on MySpace Music along with free music downloads at Last.fm (total listens had topped 62,000 before the site's re-boot!) - www.MySpace.com/AtomicPuppyMusic


ALL FUBARHQ video content is NOW rockin' on www.vimeo.com


       As always, you can still (as if you haven't?) READ/DOWNLOAD (FOR FREE MIND YOU!?) an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...
SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

So anyway, thatís about all thatís been going on in the Darth Mís world since last time! .

Until next time; "We know you have a choice when it comes to web surfing, thank you for choosing ME today!"  After all I do put the "ME" in AWESOME!?... ;oP

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)


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PS - Did you know, 5 years of MAXIM Magazines, 7 years ago, would've looked like this on your bookshelf?...

BTST - Been There, Surfed That


OH, and just in case you still don't have this memorized (YET)!?...

Since I left you last I was entertaining a major coffee habit but two years ago I was able (in about 4 days actually) to go from 5-6 cups a day to one!  While I do still drink 5-6 cups of "coffee" a day only one of them now actually is caffeinated!  So, with this I felt I needed to update my four cups list! -

There are four cups of coffee consumed in the morning.  Each cup is named/labeled by the emotional state that it facilitates in the drinker.  The four cups are labeled as follows -

1. :oI - The "Up" Cup (Decaf/Optional 1/2 Caff.);  to wake you... as the smooth aroma entices you and the silky taste prepares you for -

2. :o) - The "Happy" Cup (The FULL One w/ Caffeine!); as the neurons start to fire and the body kicks to life, shifting into "high" gear,  a sense of well-being overcomes...

3. :o[ - The "Angry" Cup; (Decaf) "well-being" is cast aside as the desire to choke the living daylights out of a random stranger for all the problems in the world ensues... plus you no longer get the rush from the caffeine so that pretty much bums you out...

4. :o\ - The "Motivation" Cup (Decaf/Optional 1/2 Caff. cup);  after realizing that violence isn't (necessarily) the answer and the fact that you've been sitting at the coffee shop for a few hours, this cup "snaps" you back to the reality that you actually have "stuff" to do and so, with this refill... you leave... and either get some stuff done (if you went with the Caf) or crash on the couch (with the Decaf option!)

There you have it...  Now go grab a cup of mud and indulge a bit...

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