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Cyber Kid Makes His Acting Debut!

The Cyber Kid (as Officer Handlebar) and "The Beast" during the Shoot.


Hey all

       I hope the first half of 2011 continues to treat you well?  It's been a busy second and first half of the 3rd quarter here at the Darth M side of things!  So let's dive right in....  Back in May, Darth M made his acting debut as Officer Handlebar on the web series The Variants!  If you're interested in seeing the scene feel free to visit www.TheVariants.com for more info or here's a direct link to my episode Season 2 Episode 1  www.TheVariants.com/Episode/Think_Bigger.

  My scene is about 6:40 into the episode.  Feel free to check out the rest of the show as well, it's pretty witty and crazy!?...

       In other news, the Little Dude finished out his rookie season!  Unfortunately the Sand Gnats came in second in the league after a valiant attempt to win the championship game but fell short by a score of 23-18.  Little Dude went 2/3 w/ 1 RUN 1 RBI and finished out the season  with a .737 Avg. (14/19 1 DBL, 12 RBIs, 9 RUNs, 4 SACs)

       A solid rookie season the coach had much praise for the Little Dude going so far as to say "Baseball's in his blood!"  We were very happy with his dedication to the game, his team and his play.  His attitude was right in line with the FUBAR's legacy!

Alex "Little Dude" Stats 2011 (Rookie Season)

Game 1 -Win  (2/2 1 Run)
Game 2 - Win  (1/2 1 RBI)
Game 3 - Loss  (2/2 1 RBI)
Game 4 - Win  (2/2 2 RBIs, 1 Run)
Game 5 - Loss  (1/2 1 RBI, 1 Run)
Game 6 - Win  (1/1 2 RBIs, 1 Run, 1 SAC)
Game 7 - Win  (0/1 2 RBIs, 2 SAC)
Game 8 - Win  (2/2 1 DBL, 2 RBI, 2 RUNs, SAC)
Playoff Game 1 - Win  (1/2 1 RUN)
Championship Game - Loss  (2/3 1 RBI 2 RUNs )

Season Statistics -

.737 Avg. (14/19 1 DBL, 12 RBIs, 9 RUNs, 4 SACs)

  Little Dude front and center with his 2nd Place Sand Gnats!

       In May, the Little Dude, Rabbit and Darth M were able to make it to the 2011 Comic-Con.  With numerous icons to meet it was a glorious time...

Little Dude makes a new friend (Mikaela) Live Long and Prosper!
The kids outside the Con!!! Cheeky shows off the newest signature - Leonard Nimoy! - Awesome!


       In addition to the Con, the other big event was the Cyber Kid had some major upgrades made to "The Beast"  Without getting into too much detail, let's just say that we took an old tired, 150,000 mile, 2 barrel V-8 305 engine out and replaced it with a custom built V-8 350 long block with headers and performance transmission.  The pictures basically tell the story...

       And speaking of Cheeky! The brand new Cheeky 2011 journal is online.  Be sure to head over and see what that crazy monkey has gotten up to since last September!?  If you'd forgotten,  Cheeky's 'SwingerMonkey.net' site was given a "Major" overhaul with the entire album divided into a yearly format last September!  The new look allowing repeat visitors easier access to new content and give new visitors a chance to view the online "journals" in segments!  Be sure to check out the updated page for new and updated pics!

  The Beast sporting her new heart!
Out with the Old... ... In With the New
150,000 mile V-8 305 (approx. 160 HP) 0 Mile V-8 350 w/ Headers (approx. 350 HP)

Just in case you still don't have this memorized!?...

Since I left you last I was entertaining a major coffee habit but in the last four months I was able (in about 4 days actually) to go from 5-6 cups a day to one!  While I do still drink 5-6 cups of "coffee" a day only one of them now actually is caffeinated!  So, with this I felt I needed to update my four cups list! -

There are four cups of coffee consumed in the morning.  Each cup is named/labeled by the emotional state that it facilitates in the drinker.  The four cups are labeled as follows -

1. :oI - The "Up" Cup (Decaf);  to wake you... as the smooth aroma entices you and the silky taste prepares you for -

2. :o) - The "Happy" Cup (The One w/ Caffeine!); as the neurons start to fire and the body kicks to life, shifting into "high" gear,  a sense of well-being overcomes...

3. :o[ - The "Angry" Cup; (Decaf) "well-being" is cast aside as the desire to choke the living daylights out of a random stranger for all the problems in the world ensues... plus you no longer get the rush from the caffeine so that pretty much bums you out...

4. :o\ - The "Motivation" Cup (Decaf/Optional Caf cup);  after realizing that violence isn't (necessarily) the answer and the fact that you've been sitting at the coffee shop for a few hours, this cup "snaps" you back to the reality that you actually have "stuff" to do and so, with this refill... you leave... and either get some stuff done (if you went with the Caf) or crash on the couch (with the Decaf option!)

There you have it...  Now go grab a cup of mud and indulge a bit...


CHEEKY'S "continuing" adventures now contains some 800+ pictures, be sure to check out his website -


       A gift from the FUBARHQ, FNC and Dave to you - don't forget to check out the FUBARchives over at the FUBAR News.  It's for all of our dedicated comrades and fans as a small token of thanks for 20 years! - There's so much content to download! 

Also, as always, check out ALL the new pictures of ALEX (Seventh Year Album is complete  and a new Eight Year album is online) and JESSICA's (Fourth Year Album almost complete with her 4th birthday just around the corner!) adventures plus all the new pics in the AVIATION ADVENTURES gallery as well as all the FUBARHQ news and content -

ALL NEW pics in My Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica!

As always, there's ALL NEW pics in My Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica!


Oh and before I forget -

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ATOMIC PUPPY is on MySpace Music along with free music downloads at Last.fm (total listens had topped 62,000 before the site's re-boot!) - www.MySpace.com/AtomicPuppyMusic

NEW!!! FUBARHQ video content still rockin' on www.YouTube.com



       As always, you can still (as if you haven't?) READ/DOWNLOAD (FOR FREE MIND YOU!?) an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...
SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

So, until the 3rd Quarter '11, go grab a nice cup #2 and start smiling!>...

Until next time; "We know you have a choice when it comes to web surfing, thank you for choosing ME today!"  After all I do put the "ME" in AWESOME!?... ;oP

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)


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PS - Did you know, 5 years of MAXIM Magazines, 5 years ago, would've looked like this on your bookshelf?...

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