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The Cyber Kid in Central America!

The Cyber Kid surfing (and slacking off) in Costa Rica!


       Whoa, It's July 2012 already!  Where did the first half of the year go?!...  

       Been pretty exciting and busy since January!  Spent a week in February heading over to stand in as "Best Man" in a friends wedding in Tokyo, Japan!  Had a blast exploring Tokyo via subway for an entire week!  All of those adventures and pictures can be seen in the Aviation Adventures 2012 MIKE Album

       After returning from Tokyo, March was busy just getting caught up on the 1200+ pictures I took during the week in Tokyo!  Ironically, the Japanese aren't so keen when you're taking pictures of them?!  Hrmm...  A couple trips finished out the month and then we rolled into April!

       One highlight of the trip (among visiting the Gonpachi "Kill Bill" restaurant) was a visit to the Shibuya Scramble Crossing!  Be sure to stop over at YouTube.com/FUBARHQ to watch my time-lapse videos of the chaos of that place!




       April of course brings baseball season and this year was no different w/ Little Dude moving up to the 7-8 year old league.  Sporting new livery - The Sox, Little Dude's team made a valiant showing making it to the quarter finals but losing the team that would go on to eventually win the Championship.  Monkey was once again a force at defensive positions which included; 3rd Base, Short-Stop, 2nd Base and the occasion outfield stint!  Of course, heavy practice and batting cage work also helped Darth Mater to perform consistently well at the plate.  Little Dude's 2012 stats (Well on a future FUBAR Hall of Fame pace!)

Game 1 - Loss  (1/3 1 RUN)
Game 2 - Win  (3/4 1 DBL, 2 RUNs, 1 RBI)
Game 3 - Win  (0/2)
Game 4 - Win  (2/2  2 RUNs, 1 RBI, 1 SAC)
Game 5 - Loss  (3/3 2 RUNs, 3 RBIs)
Game 6 - Win  (2/2 2 RUNs, 1 RBI)
Game 7 - Loss  (2/3 3 RUNs, 2 RBIs)
Game 8 - Loss  (1/1)
Game 9 - Win  (1/4 1 RBI)
Game 10 - Win (0/3)

Playoff Game 1 - Win (1/2 1 DBL, 2 RBIs, 1 SAC)

Playoff Game 2 - Loss (2/2 1 RUN, 2 RBI)

2012 Season Statistics -

.581 Avg. (18/31 2 DBL, 13 RUNs, 13 RBIs, 2 SACs)

Little Dude guns one down!  

Mater takes a Massive Cut!


       Of course May brought us to Little Dude's 8th Birthday and the Cyber Kid to Costa Rica for yet another exotic wedding locale.  Of course those pictures can also be seen in the Aviation Adventures 2012 Mike Album starting at Page 15!

       Now, one might say that squeezing in a quick five day trip to Central America between Mother's Day and the Dallas Comic-Con is a tight fit!?  But...all the pieces fell into place and the Cyber Kid did manage to make it back for the weekend of the Comic-Con 2012.

       Little Dude (happy to have parental units home as well) also attended the event with Darth M once again dressed as a fan favorite, Luke Skywalker, from Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi.  It's always a good time with a 4 foot Jedi in your party!?...

       Of course, the end of May and beginning of June were then filled with more flying adventures, Little League play-offs AND, of course, sorting yet another 1000+ pictures that were taken in Costa Rica!  Captioning, Researching and Labeling that amount of photography work Solo can be a time-consuming and grueling task!  However, all online now for you to enjoy, be sure to check out the Flying Albums above AND all the Comic-Con pictures on Alex's 9th Year Album!

No!?  You're NOT my father!?...


Here's Some More pics from the Dallas ComicCon 2012 -

Found me a Wonder Woman (played by Evie) Those are some Tall Jawas!  Utinni!!!

       So finally with the exotic weddings, Cons and Visits completed,  It's been back to the grind.  A quick evening providing the D-Mobile III (aka "The Beast" and acting as Vehicle Stunt Coordinator for the final episode of Season 3 of the Variants should net a screen credit when the web-series episodes begin to  air later in the year!

       Speaking of small screen work!   Long time friend Charles B has begun work on a Steam Punk TV series based in 1895 NYC including a final 15 minute teaser entitled "The Mechanical Grave."

       Attending my very first Anime Convention (A-Kon) in Dallas this year I was privileged to view a sneak preview screening of the short, hang out with the cast and crew.  So, it should've come as no surprise that a longer running season of the original 6 part mini-series would of course net Steam Punk airships and yours truly was asked to be the  "Aeronautics Consultant" for the project!  Being able to design and create fictitious Steam Punk airships should prove to be a very challenging, fun and exciting endeavor.  Watch for it!  In the meantime, the Teaser can be seen here on You Tube -

The Mechanical Grave      


The Mechanical Grave - Cast & Crew!  A-Kon screening 2012!

Eric (set design) and Erin (actress)  Nicole (actress) & Charles B. (writer) Matthew (actor) & Charles B (writer). Cyber Kid and Charlie Baker (actor)

Chasing the Sun!

Star Trek - Built by the NYC LEGO modelers club! Star Trek - Built by the NYC LEGO modelers club!

Just in case you still don't have this memorized (YET)!?...

Since I left you last I was entertaining a major coffee habit but two years ago I was able (in about 4 days actually) to go from 5-6 cups a day to one!  While I do still drink 5-6 cups of "coffee" a day only one of them now actually is caffeinated!  So, with this I felt I needed to update my four cups list! -

There are four cups of coffee consumed in the morning.  Each cup is named/labeled by the emotional state that it facilitates in the drinker.  The four cups are labeled as follows -

1. :oI - The "Up" Cup (Decaf/Optional 1/2 Caff.);  to wake you... as the smooth aroma entices you and the silky taste prepares you for -

2. :o) - The "Happy" Cup (The FULL One w/ Caffeine!); as the neurons start to fire and the body kicks to life, shifting into "high" gear,  a sense of well-being overcomes...

3. :o[ - The "Angry" Cup; (Decaf) "well-being" is cast aside as the desire to choke the living daylights out of a random stranger for all the problems in the world ensues... plus you no longer get the rush from the caffeine so that pretty much bums you out...

4. :o\ - The "Motivation" Cup (Decaf/Optional 1/2 Caff. cup);  after realizing that violence isn't (necessarily) the answer and the fact that you've been sitting at the coffee shop for a few hours, this cup "snaps" you back to the reality that you actually have "stuff" to do and so, with this refill... you leave... and either get some stuff done (if you went with the Caf) or crash on the couch (with the Decaf option!)

There you have it...  Now go grab a cup of mud and indulge a bit...


CHEEKY'S "continuing" adventures now contains some 1000+ pictures, be sure to check out his website -


       A gift from the FUBARHQ, FNC and Dave to you - don't forget to check out the FUBARchives over at the FUBAR News.  It's for all of our dedicated comrades and fans as a small token of thanks for 20 years! - There's so much content to download! 

Also, as always, check out ALL the new pictures of ALEX (Eighth Year Album is coming along nicely) and JESSICA's (Fourth Year Album IS complete and her Fifth Year album already has 200+ pics) adventures plus all the new pics in the AVIATION ADVENTURES gallery as well as all the FUBARHQ news and content -

ALL NEW pics in Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica!

As always, there's ALL NEW pics in Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica!


Oh and before I forget -

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ATOMIC PUPPY is on MySpace Music along with free music downloads at Last.fm (total listens had topped 62,000 before the site's re-boot!) - www.MySpace.com/AtomicPuppyMusic

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       As always, you can still (as if you haven't?) READ/DOWNLOAD (FOR FREE MIND YOU!?) an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...
SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

So anyway, thatís about all thatís been going on in the Darth Mís world since last time! .

Until next time; "We know you have a choice when it comes to web surfing, thank you for choosing ME today!"  After all I do put the "ME" in AWESOME!?... ;oP

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)


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