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this page last updated 08/24/2011

       Ok, so here it is.  It was in H.S. that I bought a very inexpensive guitar which actually had the amp and speaker built into it; it sounded like crap, but hey I was on my way to the sold out venues and endless babes...  So I started playing and even took a class in H.S. which I quickly grew bored of (This due to the fact that my own personal achievements with some Metallica riffs and practicing at home resulted in my being able to master the classics, "On Top Of Old Smoky" and "Fur Elise," in class with ease.  Thus, the class quickly became unchallenging so, I got my "A" and moved on...

       College came along soon enough where I met a few friends and kept practicing with no real direction, learned new stuff here and there and kept playing what I could and practicing what people showed me.  The results being I was able to play some chords now and hold a decent rhythm.   My dreams of being the next Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani were fading fast however (which was ok, because I was in college doing what I wanted to do since I was 5 anyway - fly planes!)  So the first for the first two years of college I went home for the summers...

       I met up with my buddy "Lou-Man" during those summers who had, since completion of my first year of college, also picked up the guitar.  (Here I was the 4 year "veteran" guitar player and I'm home with Lou-Man who'd been playing for all of 5 1/2 months - he was awesome (to me anyway.)  I still believe Lou slept with his guitar every day and he made it sing.  I mean, here I was with my $95.00 "built-in amp Toys 'R' Us special"  that I couldn't even keep in tune half the time trying to compare to him...  

       So I asked him what every self-respecting guy at that point would, "Hey Lou, want to start a band? - you be lead guitar, I'll be Rhythm!"  and thus it was born.  We picked up two other characters for America's next "great rock band"  - John D on drums (at the time the worlds worst stick-ball player - little footnote!?) and Steve aka. "Grenny" for bass (who also wanted to be a guitar player, but was shifted to bass because, at the time, I was "Marginally" capital "M," better at the time..) So anyway... we had our four guys (think Aerosmith, Metallica and Van Halen; only with less charisma, money and talent!)  So we had our dream, and like most garage (or apartment - NYC) bands absolutely no talent (at the time - well no talent except for Lou who could actually play.) 

       But we still needed a name - as all great bands do.  So, looking through a medical dictionary, among other places for inspiration, I got the name "AMUSIA" which by definition means, "the lack of ability to produce or recognize musical sounds." - PERFECT!

       So AMUSIA was our name for all of a few weeks when we decided during a routine, and routinely harrowing, soda run to 7-11 that we needed a name with more "rock star" quality and after 3 days of brainstorming, ATOMIC PUPPY was born (shortened from Lou-Man's original thought - ATOMIC PUPPY BRAINS!?...).  So, the summer moved on, we had 2 official practices total (although Lou, Steve and I jammed quite a bit more), about 40 games of stick-ball (john-D still lost quite a bit) and multiple nights of driving around talking about the band, but not actually playing a tune.  (Practice space in Bronx, NY was a bit of a dilemma!?...) 

       So, one day we had a jam session at another guys house, (John D was working) and we had the home-owner play drums - well, it was his place and he did have a set handy - and was actually pretty good. So after 4 hours we managed to record (very poorly) a terrible rendition of Nirvana's - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" complete with missed notes, high pitched vocals, off-key and a guitar tuned way down to facilitate the bass we didn't have But, for one day...  For one day and one sweaty afternoon in this dude's basement, we were on our way to rock stardom and we actually made music that was identifiable to the original song!...  But alas, as all good things do, the summer ended and off I went back to college and ATOMIC PUPPY was again put on sabbatical...

       My third year in college I get a hold of some equipment with the ability to record music (a low quality analog 4 track) and I (as a solo performer now) make some very poor quality guitar instrumentals with backing synthesized drums and maybe some keyboards thrown in here and there.   It's not bad but far from studio quality however, I was having fun killing time and slowly improving my guitar playing.  This would be my story for the remainder of my musical career until about 1999, when due to the booming technological advances in computers I was able to get some pretty cool music composition software and a decent computer... (Keep in mind that when Atomic Puppy formed in 1990, the best computers out there were 386/Pentiums and they were still pretty big bucks.)

       So here we are - I have never really improved upon my guitar playing except to play a few things well and everything else mediocre.  However, the multimedia capabilities of my computer and my varied taste in music (meaning I was into club and techno and all kinds of other stuff now) would allow me to take samples, create, manipulate and compose them to create studio quality instrumentals. I was back in business!  The dreams of filling clubs all over the US began to ensue...

       So, since early 2000, I have managed to compose and create 52 original instrumental compositions on 5 CDs.  Some of the songs are here on this site with sample tracks to listen too and some are posted to www.download.com for anyone to purchase.  I had re-instated the name AMUSIA for my band in 2000, but after an e-mail from MP3.com's legal dept and some research have since discovered the name was registered/trademarked to a Boston based band in 1997 (Damn I had them by 7 years too!)  So anyway, I went back to the name we had in 1990 and ATOMIC PUPPY lives on in a solo artist format...

       Please take a listen and let me know what you think.  I have the guitar out and I'm actually planning on playing a bit more to incorporate some of the original music I once did with the new editing software. The plan is to create some decent quality recordings of music "un-finished" in prior incarnations of Atomic Puppy.

       Well, until there's more to this story, thanks for reading this far, stay tuned and remember, " All the world's a stage"... at least my office is anyway ... (my dogs love me!)