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For anyone with an IQ<80 (or any bloodthirsty attorneys out there) the story you are about to "READ" is completely and entirely FICTIONAL! (well except the reference to a trip to England - he actually did that...    went to England that is!...    for a wedding...    not his...)

(Oh, I almost forgot, that Engel story is bogus too!...   all of it!)

Jesse Rhodes ... aka. -  Jesse "the Body", The "Rhodes" Warrior, Goin' postal, the Savage Beast, and "the Psycho."

       This tale begins a while back and is the tale of a strange and bewildered creature. It is of course again not a happy tale, nor one that I wish to tell too often, but a tale that must be heard anyway. For it is a tale of a lonely boy in search of himself and of course the trials and tribulations he must overcome to discover his true identity and inner beauty. This is the tragic tale of Jesse "Psycho" Rhodes and the Inner Demons that plague his mind, body, and soul…
Jesse was a sort of normal kid, sort of. He did the usual normal kid stuff like fishing and riding his bike, but even at a young age, Jesse was showing signs that he could in fact at a later more adult age, possibly become a monster!? Maybe it was the fact that he used to hang posters of Charles Manson ("Chuck" he used to call him) on his wall or talk to the family dog (who he addressed as The Master – see picture…). All of these things were signs, but his parents would often write them off as "puberty" or "hyperactive" issues.

If only they yielded to the signs sooner maybe the madness could have been stopped!

Jesse with "The Master."?

       High School was a particularly tough time for Jesse. When most adolescents are just trying to fit into a "click" and deal with the normal routine and societal changes that this period of life brings, Jesse was beginning to have to deal with a much larger, more serious problem. He was starting to hear the "voices." This problem would in and of itself not be that big of a deal had he been in a "normal" state of mind, but this was not the case. Many people of course "hear" these "voices" but they are a conscious helping tailor and mold our very existence through life. Jesse’s "voices" however were a little more than that. They were his buddies, his gang if you will. He would "play" with them, have parties, even "phone" them to come over. This started to pose particular social problems in school for Jesse especially during lunch time…

"Hey Jesse" <schoolmate attempts to sit across from Jesse>

"HEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" <Jesse visibly angry and uncomfortable>

"dude, I’m just try…" <a little nervous and taken aback>

"CAN’T YOU SEE SOMEONE IS SITTING THERE!?" <shaking his Weiner at the kid>

"Who’s..uh <looking around now as kids are beginning to notice> sitting here Jess?"

"AW, YOU STUPID F***ING IDIOT! ARE YOU BLIND!?" <Jesse now rampaging>

"take it easy Jesse, I just wanted to have lunch?…" <Tying to avoid the confrontation>

"I’LL TAKE IT EASY, I’LL TAKE IT EASY WHEN ME AND MR. SOCKMAN HERE KICK YOUR NERDY A$$!" <Jesse now beginning to have another conversation with the "invisible"

Mr. Sockman about how they are going to administer said "A$$-Kicking>

"Uh, it’s ok Jess, I’m just gonna go over here and eat" <nervous student leaves hurriedly>

"Yeah, WE SHOW’D ‘EM MR. SOCKMAN" <Jesse apparently very happy about the small victory for himself and the invisible Mr. Sockman!?>

       That was just one incident between Jesse and former classmates in High School. That particular one would warrant a visit to the principal’s office afterward and would incite another small episode as Jesse was "physically" taken to the principals’ office screaming, "MR. SOCKMAN IS REAL, HE LIVES WITH ME! – SO HELP US WE’RE GONNA KICK ALL YOU’RE A$$E$!…"

       (It should also be noted that the above incident was retrieved from a confidential source from Mr. Rhodes’ "Permanent Record." It should also be noted for the reader’s benefit that Jesse’s former classmates and teachers denied our request for there comments about Jesse’s behavior during High School. One response was "Are you F***ing Crazy! I know nothing. You know if you write about him he WILL Kill You!?…")

       So FNC was plagued with a dilemma do we go ahead with this story of a boy’s small and troubled journey into adulthood? Put the lives of countless persons at risk? Or; do we just sit back and wait, like a lion waits for the strike? Wait until the prey has moved too far away and the time is too late and someone says, "Hey, didn’t anyone notice this guy had a problem!?…" Well FNC has only one policy when it comes to the needs of the readers and public and that is, as Spock said, "The needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few or the one." So, Jesse's freakin out of luck and we’ll go ahead and risk the sacrifice of one or a few reporters to get this story. Here is what our dedicated reporters and research has brought us… Over 8 years in the making, the STORY of All Stories –


JESSE "PSYCHO" RHODES – Get out of my F****ing Way!…

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