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Computers / Gaming

this page last updated 03/07/2021

       I have a lot of computer hobbies, from MUSIC composition, to digital photo/video editing (YOUTUBE.com) and my own web-design company (Outside the Cube) but, I also play a variety of Video, Strategy and RPG Games

       Below are some of the games I enjoyed the most and one I developed - THE SUN NEVER SETS - is a turn based PBEM (play by email) strategy game.  Other games I also play often are DUNGEONS&DRAGONS, AMERICAS ARMY, and AGE OF WONDERS.


THE SUN NEVER SETS (TSNS) - A turn based PBEM (Play By E-Mail) strategy game.  This game was two years in development and three years in BETA Play testing! 

Basically it is a cross between Risk, Diplomacy and Dungeon's & Dragons.  One player assumes the role of Game-Master (GM; currently yours truly) who enforces rules, organizes, maintains & processes turns/battles and ultimately decides what players MAY or MAY NOT do in the game.  There is a basic set of rules and the GM is the final authority over game-play, game resolutions and allowances. 

       Set in a world of medieval type warfare, there is a nice level of diplomacy the player's may engage in and a sizeable amount of room for growth within the game.  Players "Evolve" Units as they test their strategies and skills on their quest to single-handedly (or with allied forces) control the entire TSNS map (much like RISK!)  Players (and/or alliances) win when all other player's are eliminated...

After an 1 year hiatus to implement new rules, strategy and various upgrades from the first playtest of TSNS - TSNS-II was born in 2012 and ran until 2018...

       Feel free to download the rules set and check out the game.  Basically the rulebook is a "Guide" Book and it's ultimately up to the GM how he/she wishes to enforce or "grow" the game.



CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the GAME-MASTER (GM) JOURNAL that was kept from 1/17/08 - 9/3/2011




TSNS Version II Map - 2015 (TURN 15)


Little Dude "processes" battles from TSNS ver. 1 (circa 2009)





"Covering all the bases"  VIP with SF Escort at Helipad

AMERICAS ARMY - A first person game played online in which you assume the role of a US Army Ranger/Special Forces soldier.  You must first complete Basic training and optional medical training modules to play many of the maps but, if you choose to complete the Special Forces training, you may play the game as one of the US Army's most elite - a Special Forces Soldier!  You play online with solely human opponents/teammates and although there is some close quarter battle (CQB) it is by far not as hectic (no "re-spawning") as games such as UNREAL Tournament can be.  AMERICAS ARMY was created with funds from the US ARMY as a simulation/public relations tool to demonstrate the capabilities of the US ARMY.  The benefit of that endeavor is that the game is completely, 100% free. (There are links to the download at the main site (linked from anywhere it says AMERICAS ARMY on this page :o)

The game is addictive and one very cool aspect  is the mission objectives, which are vague, but allow all players to play as US Army or allied insurgent forces personnel - So while you may see your teammates as allies and the enemies as members of the OPFOR terrorist group, the players on the opposing team, see themselves as US ARMY and you as OPFOR.  Therefore you are always playing against the "bad" guys - very cool.  In addition, players build HONOR points by completing mission objectives and killing OPFOR, which help's build your Honor Points and thus increase your Honor level (Which helps you to hold higher ranking positions in missions.)  Reciprocally, honor points are also deducted from your account total for killing allies or civilians  - the can ultimately cause you to lose honor levels.  All players start at honor level 10.

I play this game with many of the same guys I play Age of Wonders with, but we have a small group of others who also partake in the online games.  You can find most of us on an America's Army tracker...

Come by and check us out.  I'm FUBARHQ and Bronx-Bomber.

For free, this game can't be beat.  See you in the arena...

"Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god." - Bishop Porteus



AGE OF WONDERS - A turn based game in which you control one of a dozen races of beings for control of the realm.  You can choose from a variety of races such as Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs, Goblins, Undead or one of a half dozen others.  You may choose to play/act alone, or in conjunction with other players to conquer the map.

       The greatest aspect of AGE OF WONDERS is that our group of Friends (those who have sites are indicated by an "AOW" next to their websites) can play against each other without the restriction of most multi-player games - mainly - not requiring all of us to be online at the same to time to play against one another. 

       The "play by email" or PBEM aspect of this game sets it apart from all others; allowing us to play our turn in a time that is convenient for each of us and then when finished, e-mailing the turn as an attachment to the next person in the chain.  The computer plays the AI between our "human" player turns and it makes for some great fun.  You can still all be online at the same time and play a simultaneous "real-time" turn based version, but the PBEM seems to suit us best due to the time-zone differences we all have.

       I am usually playing a few different scenarios at the same time and have played several scenarios that have lasted for over a year.  The game also provides a relatively easy "editor" interface and we have made a few different maps to play against/with one another.  Below you'll find a list of the campaigns we have either "made" and/or "modified" and played in AGE OF WONDERS. (feel free to click any of the campaign's below to download.)

For additional maps and links, go to the following website -  Heaven Games

<Right click> on a Scenario name and choose "SAVE TARGET AS..." to download the map...

RYAK'S REALM (XL - 3 levels) Ryak - developed by Mark "El Capitan" Avellino.  It took him a few months to complete this challenging map.  I started this map with Mark and Jeff over a year ago and we are still going...  Great game-play and best played as a co-op as the "GOOD" races.

RULE OF THIRDS (L - 2 levels) ROT - developed by me, Darth M, as a loose companion to a novel, of the same name, I have written.  A fairly challenging map that inhibits the player that likes to sweep across lands quickly.  Played best as a single or co-op as the "GOOD" races.
LAND OF GENESIS (XL - 3 Levels) LOG - developed by me, Darth M, as a scenario in which naval and aerial units would be more important for offensive campaigns than typically found in most AOW maps.  Features a quest, secret entrances to races lands, the mythical "City of Wizards" and highly defendable lands.  Makes for a challenging adventure.  Played best as any of the races.
Sorcerers & WarriorS (XL - 3 Levels) SAW - developed by DIX.  We modified the game slightly, but it was our first real scenario and it was loads of fun.  We played as a co-op until no one else was left. 
The Legends of Hectoraze (XL - 3 Levels) LOHA - developed by BLUECOLLARHEAVEN.  Difficult map with some great scenery and tough independent AI.  We're playing as a co-op, and modified the heroes, but the ORC's are still very, very strong.
Misthaven (XL - 3 Levels) Misthaven - developed by Devin Serink.  A nicely rendered map, with an extremely difficult set of independent AI running around.  I boosted the heroes up to LVL 10 and added a few more units and it's still tough - One must be very careful in the beginning of this campaign - 5 of us are in this one and it's slow going - looks good though.