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Atomic Puppy Climbing the Charts!

"The masses are beginning to see the genius behind the music and the audience is listening."

       Hello my fine comrades, how are we this third quarter of 2005?   Well ATOMIC PUPPY seems to be gaining some momentum (much like our FUBAR War Machine.)  Having placed music on http://MUSIC.DOWNLOAD.COM/ just over a year ago, the music has been gaining a small audience.  With over 20,000 downloads, ATOMIC PUPPY has (as of 9/20/05) the following stats - 

Ranked in the top 100 of some 5000 artists and top 50 for weekly downloads in the entire ELECTRONIC & DANCE Genre.

Sitting in the top 50 of 1600+ artists for weekly downloads in the ELECTRONIC & DANCE/DANCE sub-genre.

and finally, 

Sitting in the Top TEN, of approx. 200+ artists (for total downloads) and THIRD for weekly downloads in the /DANCE/TECHNO sub-category.  Listed as an Editor's Pick, ATOMIC PUPPY received the following review - 

       "If you had a tail it would wag uncontrollably while listening to Atomic Puppy. The original litter of four now consists of one lone canine whose electronic senses have matured immensely over the dog years. The versatile mutt constructs a wide range of divine sonic delicacies, ranging from tranquilizing ambient tracks to mind-expanding trance. This hound deserves to be Best in Show."

       Granted the early bird gets the worm (being on the server prior to many of the new "hot" artists helps a bit) ATOMIC PUPPY is holding steady at over 500 weekly downloads.  Not too shabby for the Cyber Kid and FUBAR Entertainment?  When asked for a comment at a recent press conference, the Cyber Kid offered this statement  - "I must say, I made the music because I enjoyed compiling the music but the fact that people are listening is pretty cool.  My goal is to find a charity (or charities) that I could donate my music to so they could produce and sell CD's for donations.  If you know of any, send them my way."  Selfless to the last my friends, that of course is the Cyber Kid's way.  "Hey Dave, you gonna ..." - "DON'T TOUCH THAT ENGEL, THAT'S MINE!"

       So anyway... in other news, the Cyber Kid has been busy chasing Alien ... err... we mean NASA payloads again.  But there has been much scrutiny and debate over whether the Cyber Kid is actually chasing NASA "Payloads" or is he, in fact, chasing something else?  Experts are baffled as no one has actually seen one of these "payloads" however, Professor C. Overup from The Department of Intelligence may have shed some light on the the subject in a recent press release -

       "I can neither confirm nor deny what the Cyber Kid is "actually" doing with NASA but, I believe that the Cyber Kid may not be conducting the type of "logistics" operations as we previously believed.  As I have recently acquired an updated photo of the Cyber Kid; you can clearly see the NASA emblem and looking closely another emblem below depicting an Alien - this Alien logo was not on his flight suit in a previous photo indicating to us a "shift" in operational capacity.  Now while I am not familiar with this Alien emblem we do have one member of our team who thinks that it may be part of a covert "Black Ops" unit called "Nostromo" that conducts Anti Alien-Proliferation operations near the White Sands, NM restricted area ... Basically - AREA 51.  Now again, as I cannot confirm or deny this, this is nothing more than a theory we are working on at the moment but, you have to agree, the evidence is quite convincing."


The "Cyber Kid" Alien Logo - Is it a Black Ops "Alien Hunter" insignia or just a $3 souvenir patch?

          So, from Professor C Overup, there you have it.  I will say that after looking at the evidence myself, I have to agree, the Cyber Kid is definitely up to something.  Of course as more develops with this story, we'll be sure to keep you posted...

       In other news on FUBARHQ.com, there has been quite a few updates and additions.  New photos in the Hobbies/Photos section.  There's a new FOTQ featured on the site, new ALEX Journal entries and still even more pics of future FUBAR Hall of Famer Alex aka "The Mini Cyber" #2.3 in the ALEX section.  So grab yourself another cool BEvERage sit back, relax, gain weight and enjoy the entertainment ... so until next time - 

      Your most likely schizophrenic but, ever loyal reporter -

Dave CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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