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FUBAR REUNION, CYBER KID for PREZ in 2028 and McNiesch is FOUND!

Mark "The Ragamuffin" and Dave "The Crybaby" kickin' it old school at the Deck 2008!

Hello FUBARians,

       Greetings this first quarter of 2009!  Hope all is treating you well as we put the finishing touches on another year?  The Cyber Kid has been busy since October with flying and of course the Annual FUBAR Reunion!? (“Reunion” - Which loosely consisted of the Cyber Kid and Mark “el jefe” Amarillo!?)

       Anyway, it was a great trip this year as the Cyber Kid was met by Avocado at roughly midnight in Orlando and promptly escorted in an armored patrol to an undisclosed location in Central Florida!  It was rumored that Mark “big brother is watching” ARMOR-dillo and the Cyber Kid had serious talks about the future of the FUBAR Empire and how they were going to, as one (drunken) patron was quoted as overhearing - “take over the world.”  Their primary agenda was to begin campaigning for the Cyber Kid’s run for the Presidency in 2028!  (Original talks were for a run in 2016, however census poles have since indicated that running in 2028 or later would yield more favorable results! – Note - The Cyber Kid will be 56 during the campaign!) The current working poster and slogan for the campaign will be -


       So, besides the “secret” talks, the Cyber Kid spent 4 fun filled days in Central Florida drinking BEvERageS and reminiscing with friends (all 4 of them – except Chris Roth who wasn’t invited! – “Dave, you’re such an @$$hole!” Chris was quoted as saying in a “private” conversation with the Cyber Kid that was obviously recorded!?...)   

       Other than the trip to the Southeast, the Cyber Kid has also been traveling the globe (with your dues money mind you!?) building his “experience” in the international sectors.  Heading off to Europe mostly, the Cyber Kid is starting to build a small following of supporters!  “It’s all part of the plan…” the Cyber said at a recent press conference,”… just meet the people, press the flesh and start to plant those seeds.  Given time, we can’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to vote for Dave!  It’s a long term thing, can’t just start campaigning and expect to win the presidency in 5 years, you have to build up to that sort of thing!?...” 

Cyber Kid campaigning w/ Chelsye and Nicole (Texas, '08)


“Dave’s our man in 2028!  For sure! - Number 1 my Brother!!!

Was Jeff “E-lect Dave in 2028” Engel's enthusiastic comment to FNC reporters!?...  (FNC analysts are not sure if that will actually help the Cyber Kid's campaign effort in the long run AND were quick to point out that he actually held up "Two" fingers for the picture, not "One"...  "My bad" was all Jeff "E"rroneous digits could say!?...)

       Mark “soon to be Sec. of State” Avocado had this to say - “Dave’s a good guy.  Can he lead the country?  Well, we’ll just have to see how he matures over the next 20 years but I’d be willing to bet he’ll be a strong contender and hey, if there’s a cabinet position in it for me, well then why the hell wouldn’t I support and vote for him, know what I’m saying!?"

When asked the follow up question - "Mr. Avocado, is that a stuffed monkey on your back?"  Mark's response was, "Monkey?  What Monkey!?"

       The illusive A.J. had nothing to say about the matter quite frankly, but was photographed drooling over posters of the Cyber Kid and eating paint chips! – Apparently some things never change!?...

Health Update - The A.J.'s leg has fully healed although he's not quite the same since the operation!?  - Hmmm.  We here at the FNC Medical Dept. are a little baffled by this! 

Well, stay tuned as there's certain to be more to come on this developing story and the Cyber Kid's run for the big seat!?....

       In other FUBAR news, we have good news on a FUBAR Amber Alert issued just over 10 years ago!  Mike “I fly cool @$$ airplanes” McNeisch has turned up recently when the FUBAR Investigative Dept (FID) actually gave a damn and started looking for him!  “McNiesch!  What?  Damn I missed that guy!”  was Jeff “E-rror” Engel’s comment about Mike’s return to the FUBAR radar!

       The FUBAR’s released the following statement, “We’re really happy to have found Mark (“Uh, it’s Mike!”)  ‘er what?  It says here “Mark”? (“No sir, that’s a typo”) Oh, right, so it is, well anyway, we’re really pleased to have found Mar ‘er Mike and it’s been a long time, welcome home kid! (“he’s like 35 now sir!”)  Dammit, shut up and leave me alone!”

       Regardless, the FUBAR welcomes Mike back to the family!  “I still have my championship shirt in a drawer somewhere!” was Mike’s comment!?... “Somewhere?”  I hope by “somewhere” he means custom-framed and hanging on a wall prominently displayed with honor in his home!?” was the FNC response to his comment!

Anyway, with all the fun filled events and jet-setting, that’s all we have to report for you this half quarter update (because basically, the creative juices have run dry!?)  Be sure to head over the DARTH M News for more FUBAR Reunion pics and Cyber Kid news!?...  If you can call it that!?

Oh, just for grins, here’s another installment of WTF – enjoy!  And until then, see you in 2nd Quar. ‘09!!!

"Sweet!  They fought a Huge Dragon for Pizza!"

Anybody want to "claim" this guy!  Anyone?...  Anyone?...

Until next time, Happy 2009 and see you in the 2nd Quarter!?...

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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