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The Cyber Kid reminding Washington that he's knockin' on the freakin' door!?...


Hello FUBARians...


       How are we this late-fourth quarter of '09?  The third/beginning fourth quarter '09 had been pretty busy here at the FHQ.  There's been an A.J. sighting, more campaigning and Jeff getting hungry!  It's been interesting to say the least!?  So, as usual there's so much to report, it's just a matter of where to begin?...      

       The creature known simply as the A. J. has been running amok yet again!  Apparently, the A. J. was spotted with the Cyber Kid and Jeff  "I'm hiding out" E at a FUBAR event to celebrate the 36th year since the discovery of the creature. - Paparazzi were on hand to catch the mayhem.  Some were speculating that Jeff may have been feeding the creature and has now "tamed" the A. J.?!  Rumor has it the A.J. may be living out in the barn at "E" ranch north of town although FUBAR Investigators have yet to confirm this as fact!?  All we know as of yet is that the A.J. was quite taken with a stuffed horse named "Neigh."  Perhaps this is part of Jeff's re-conditioning program?...



       "If anyone could do it you would think Jeff could, what with all the guns and sex toys and such!?" the Cyber Kid told the paparazzi;  "I mean they've been spending a lot more time together from what we have gathered from eyewitness statements.  It would only seem like the next logical progression in their relationship?  Personally, I don't really know what the $#!+ is goin' on out there but we will get to the bottom of it!?... we always do!" 

       The A. J. was unable to comment (grunting doesn't count) as was Jeff who seemed to have returned to cannibalistic tendencies trying unhinge his jaw to swallow his child's head!? As usual paparazzi were on hand to immortalize the entire event!  "That picture was staged!"  Jeff "Tast-E-Baby" was quoted as saying.  "Sure Jeff.  Whatever helps you sleep at night!?..."  Of course we'll have to watch this situation carefully and well bring you updates accordingly...


"Keep yer money Mister, I'll take your baby!?"

       In other news, the Cyber Kid has been continuing his campaigning tour around the United States.  With more recent stops in the southern states, the Cyber Kid made a pre-visit to Orlando where he had a "secret" meeting with Chris "Cy Young" Roth.  I don't know how you guys always seem to know about these "secret" meetings, but if you need to know, we discussed baseball the whole time; Yankees specifically..." Roth told reporters that accosted him outside a ritzy restaurant. (Thank you dues!?)   "Baseball?  I don't remember baseball?  I do recall talking about Chris taking a cabinet position when I'm elected in 2036!  I need a good arm in the house if the FUBARS are gonna take over the world." the Cyber Kid told the same reporters.  The recent visit preceded the annual Cyber Kid visit to central Florida for R&R.  We'll continue to bring you new info after the completion of the southern tour...

Cyber Kid and a "surprised" Rothy...


       Continuing his Presidential bid, the Cyber Kid made a strategic move in late September and moved his campaign (flying) HQ back to NYC.  With the renewed vigor in his campaign, the Cyber Kid made more stops in September & October, in cities such as Boston, MA, Pittsburgh, PA & Dayton, OH. 

       FUBAR fans were again able to meet the Cyber Kid (and Cheeky) and take pics with the "would-be" Prez., enjoying the "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS!!!" campaign.  Even Mark Armadillo has been getting everyone in his "Camp Dave" involved; "Heck, even the dogs have a pivitol role!?" Mark told the press....  "I'm pretty pleased with how this is turning out!?" Mark added, however he would not define what "this" was!?...

       On a side note the "Vote For Dave. Get Free Wings!!!" program is still in full swing and garnering much favor among the FUBAR/ Dave supporters...  Here's the latest two campaign posters coming soon to a bathroom wall near you!?...


       Also, don't forget to continue to watch FACEBOOK for updated Cyber Kid campaign stops in a city near you!!!


Beren convinces a pawful that "Dave's" the Right Vote!

The Cyber Kid getting some support from Calendar Girls Lily, Stephanie, Brittany & Chelsea. 

       OK, enough campaigning - Finally, in "BIG" FUBAR Publishing News, the FUBAR Entertainment Group has finally after 3 years in the making published the CHEEKY MONKEY photo blog/online journal.  Debuting at #1 among all traveling primate blogs and containing over 500+ captioned photos, the FUBARS pulled no punches.  If you'd like to keep track of CHEEKY'S "continuing" adventures, be sure to check out his website -


And lastly, the FNC has heard rumors that due to the growing popularity, you want another installment of WTF...

Teach your kid to brush w/ Ms. Kim? Yikes! Kiss M&Ms - Not sure what's worse, that they made them or that they're $6/bag!?...
Gotta love Canal Street!?... Came across this "irony" about 6 months ago!?... Notice the wine bottle?

       So once again, as always, this has been your ever faithful and always dedicated reporter bidding you a prosperous closing for '09...Until next time, see you in 1st Quarter 2010 when we bring you all the happenings from the 10th Annual Florida FUBAR-B-Que and Drunken Orgy!!! - Can you say Capt. Cave-Man boys and girls? - Yup he was there!...  Watch this space!?...


Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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