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"E" shows how it's done in the "big leagues" (c. 1993)

Hello FUBARians and followers alike...

       How are we this fine mid-second quarter of 2010? Hopefully the first quarter of 2010 has provided you with many good tidings and much deserved prosperity?

       Last quarter we left you with a much needed "history" lesson about the origins of the FUBAR organization and of course all the news from the annual FUBAR Reunion and drunken orgy!  ("Sir, you are aware that it was just You, Avocado and Messer at the FUBAR reunion!?...)  Um... 'er... Oh yes, now it's all coming back.. It was a the FUBAR Reunion and "drinking coffee"!?... silly me!?...  Um.. OK then, moving on... 

       So anyway, since last quarter the FUBAR Upper echelon (namely Dave "I'm the king!") has been a busy.  With all the 20th Anniversary fanfare, parties and the like, Dave saw it necessary to make a few stops to Central Florida to meet up with members of the FUBAR Upper Management; Namely Mark "Capt. Averagellino" and Chris "Rag Arm" Rothy.  Helping to finalize plans for the penultimate FUBAR 20th anniversary, Chris and Mark were "appointed" as the head's of Dave's 20th Anniversary "We Need to Borrow Your House" and "Call All The Former Players And Make Them Give A Damn" committees respectively!?...  Although "not" all too keen with the prospect of the jobs, Dave found each of the boys were eager to help when they were presented with adequate compensation; which was a bottle of "Jimbo" and free Doubletree Cookies (respectively ;o)      

Chris gladly accepts an "offer he can't refuse"

       So, with key members of the FUBAR Upper Echelon in place to handle the bull-s.. 'er "real" work.  The Cyber Kid was free to do some more campaigning for his 2028 presidential run!  With some additional stops in Boston, New York and  Hartford, the primary emphasis has been on the Central Florida and northeastern US regions.        

       Now naturally while in the Central Florida region for The FUBAR 20th Anniversary Upper Management "plotting and scheming" conference of 2010, the Cyber Kid also made a multi-stop tour of central for his own personal gain (big shocker!)  The biggest news however, to come out of the Central Florida tour stops was the "secret meeting" (seen right) between the Cyber Kid and Jeff "E"normous forehead E. who met with Dave for supposed talks about Jeff being his possible Vice-Presidential candidate in the 2028 run.  "Well, despite his lackluster performance in the press lately, the guys is still pretty loyal!?... So provided he can get get past the whole "giant head" label and keep his nose clean, I think will look past the whole huge cranium deal and see he's the right guy for the job as #2.  I mean look at how well he handled that whole "A.J." crisis in Texas!?."  <"Um sir, just curious?  If Jeff is HERE, who is actually watching the A.J. now and keeping it from eating small children and goats?!>  "HOLY CRAP!  QUICK!  SOMEONE GET ME A PHONE!?"   The Cyber Kid was reported as fleeing the scene (Hooters) with Jeff however the duo, rather than leaving Tampa, were spotted ducking in to the movies!?...  When the FUBAR Press caught up with pair as they left their screening of Iron Man 2 (2 thumbs up) the Cyber Kid had this to say, "It's all under control.  After further investigation, Jeff assured me the A.J. is not in any position to harm anyone and is quite sedated... and chained...!?"  When asked if Jeff was still the right choice as his Vice-Presidential candidate, the Kid redirected and asked reporters; "Well that depends, when you look at Jeff, what do YOU see?"   <"Well, we see a late 30's successful male with some good ideals... oh and he has a larger than normal, borderline giant, head!">  the Kid was then quoted as saying "OK then, maybe too soon to announce anything definitive!?..." 


The Cyber Kid, Kelly & Jeff "Cranium" at the "secret" talks!?...


       Moving past the Central Florida legs of his tour, also on the Kid's agenda was some additional emphasis (and multiple stops) to the Springfield, MA / Hartford, CT area.  A notoriously hard area to garner favor and votes for independent candidates! 

       Hitting the great (tiny) state of Connecticut with a "Take No Prisoners" attitude, the Cyber Kid was met by longtime FUBAR supporter and head of the northeast "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS!" campaign HQ, Jeff "I play with my dingy!" S.  The two VIP's discussed what it would take to "get the vote" in that neck of the woods -

       Overheard by a couple from Vermont, they reported that during the lengthy and often times "confusing" discussion, Jeff (the "funny lookin' one") was quoted as saying, "Dude!  F***in' A!  Not sure Free wings is gonna do it?!  This is a "Money talks" sort of place, so you might need to up the ante here - you know, cash, moola, wampum.. that sort of thing!"  To which the Cyber Kid (the "angry little one") replied, "Well dude!  All I got to offer is free wings!?...  Oh, no wait!?  I also got some great ideas... them too!?..."  The couple also reported that in addition to more "crazy talk" about some sort of FUBAR World Domination, more free wings, local bribery, shenanigans and "polishing Jeff's dingy", Jeff treated the Cyber Kid and everyone at campaign HQ (aka Hooter's) to the two new "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS" campaign posters!

Jeff "Need a little wind!", Shelby (CK supporter) and the Kid!




POSTER #1 - The Cyber Kid w/ Supporter Shelby

POSTER #2 - The Cyber Kid w/ Supporter (and Hooters Calendar Girl) Adrianne


Well that's all for this quarter, be sure to check out all the other new Mindless Content -


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And lastly, here's yet another installment of WTF...

"NFORCE SWORD ASS" - 'um is it contagious? Does it hurt?... So I get that  "Kids eat Free" Tues. but "Exactly" what IS the daily special on Friday?... 

Alright gang, until next time then, as always, this has been your ever faithful FUBAR News Specific Website w/ it's FUBAR News Specific reporter.  Until next quarter, stayed tuned for all the 20th Anniversary FUBAR specific happenings!?  Enough FUBAR for ya?!...


Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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