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MINI REUNIONS & The "Silent Assassin" Found!

There's a "ninja" (aka The Silent Assassin) in this picture - Can you find him?

Click anywhere on the picture when you think you've found him?


Hello FUBARians...

       How are we this fine late-third quarter of 2010? Hope all of you found upward momentum and growth during the second quarter!?

       Since last update, the FUBAR Upper Management has been busy traveling around the country visiting with former FUBAR players and fans alike conducting what the FUBAR fans have been calling "Mini-Reunions!"  Once again in Central Florida, Dave "The Dude" met with Mark "hAva-Cup-A-Joe" and Chris "bleeding heart liberal" Rothy to see how they were doing in their new rolls as the FUBAR committee chairmen?  The Cyber Kid was hoping to finalize some "possible" plans for a FUBAR 20th Reunion to occur in either October or November of this year to coincide with Wings & Waves And/Or Homecoming?  Although still holding a positive attitude about their appointments, Dave made this statement to press after his meetings; "I still believe these guys are the right choice for the jobs?  Now while they haven't actually completed anything, I have confidence these two (knuckleheads) will come through in the bottom of the ninth!?...  Maybe?... Hopefully?..."  (Editor's note: Although it appears that Mark and Chris at the time of this update had completed exactly nothing in regards to committee duties, FNC is still saying "confidence is high!" - "Jimbo" and "Doubletree Cookies" are still being provided forthwith!)

Chris "trust me" R's got it covered!?

       The Cyber Kid was also able to find some time to meet with Jeff "Underground" E and his (now) sidekick, The A.J.!  Although their talks weren't open to the FUBAR public, rumors were rampant, causing the Cyber Kid to step outside from the talks and make a brief statement to the countless fans that gathered; "FUBARians, sometimes it's just a cup of coffee - really!  Look, it's all good!... Oh, and the A.J. still hasn't eaten anyone!?... Thumbs up Jeff!"  After which he ducked back into the conference! 

       Despite the comments, fans still speculated on the "true nature of the talks" with many believing they were about the possible reunion; the long awaited release of the 3rd Series of FUBAR Figures And/Or quite possibly a re-release of the non-award winning FUBAR video documentaries (that posed as highlight reels back in 1997!)  The FNC however could not confirm, nor deny any of the rumors circulating in the crowd... well, none except that Jeff is a big sissy...oh and has a giant head - those were pretty easy to confirm?... :oP

       One fan that came all the way from Florida had this to say about the impromptu meeting of the three; "Come on seriously, he wants us to believe it's "just" coffee?  What do we look like, simpletons?  Last time those three stooges got together, the A.J. was terrorizing neighborhoods and Mark and Dave were cooking up some plot to take over the world!  And Jeff?  Don't even get me started on what the $#@% Jeff's been up too with all the digging and heavy equipment he's been buying lately!?...I've seen it a thousand times, we cant trust them!... Those three are up to something, I smell a conspiracy!"  At which point another fan shouted: "Hey Armadillo, that you stirring the pot?  Sell that long hair hippy crap someplace else!?" - "Um, no... 'er I'm not Armadillo, I'm some other guy named... um 'er... Bob - QUICK EVERYBODY SCATTER, COPS!" <stampede and drama ensued - watch these brackets?...>


The Cyber Kid, A.J. & Jeff "The Handler" at the talks!?...


       So, with all the hoopla and fanfare surrounding the 20th anniversary of this franchise the following FNC update was "almost" lost is the press.  Destined to not allow this breaking story to be relegated to the back page or hidden from the FUBAR public, FNC chairman and Editor in Chief Dave "I get the Scoop" M. made certain that the following FNC story made the light of day!


       That's right ladies and gentleman, the man, the myth, the legend Noriyuki "The Silent Assassin" Kobayashi has returned to the FUBAR ranks!  "It was crazy, I was just hanging out and then there he was... came out of the shadows like a ninja!  Craziest thing ever!  But hey we're just glad he's back!  Kind of coincidental that he shows up during our 20th anniversary no?  Think he's thinking there may be some FUBAR-B-Que action coming up!?"  The Cyber Kid told reporters at his Central Texas mansion ('er modest home that has nothing to do with all the dues you pay!?) about the return or the FUBAR Star player. 

       According to FUBAR News agents, apparently Nori, who had gone "dark" back in 1997 has been off the FUBAR radar for over a decade with no notification, simply returned.  Eyewitnesses report seeing Nori, still dressed in his 1997 uniform carrying FUBAR News Corporation paraphernalia (1997 season FUBAR newsletters) entering an eatery where the Cyber Kid was dining.  Greetings were exchanged (as were back dues) and a couple BEvERageS were consumed (by the ninja) and the two parted ways.  Some skeptics (Mark) think that Nori may have actually been in contact with the FUBAR Upper Echelon throughout but FUBARHQ denies such ludicrous claims!  "Poppycock!"  was one quote from Jeff "In the dark" E. who added; "Dave tells me everything, I totally would've spilled the beans for some free grub if I knew Nori was running around doing some FUBAR Ninja $#!+"

       Anyway, keep track of this developing story as well... we continue to develop it!?...


       In other news, the Cyber Kid once again has unveiled THREE BRAND NEW posters in the "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS!" campaign - enjoy...



POSTER #1 - w/ Supporters Christina & Amber POSTER #2 - w/ Supporter Brittany POSTER #3 - w/ Supporter Ashley

       Oh and if you think the campaigning isn't working, check this out, a train station (and a street) in New York City were named "23rd" "just" to honor the Cyber Kid and the FUBAR legacy!  Not to mention, looks like the military has it's sites set on www.FUBARHQ.com as well!?... Big things are coming folks...

The "23rd Street" subway stop in Manhattan "Heads Up!"
So, be sure to come back next quarter when we explain this picture -

Well that's all for this quarter, as if that WASN'T FREAKIN ENOUGH!?...  Anyway, be sure to check out all the other new Mindful (In polling; the word "Mindless" was deemed offensive to certain readers (namely the A.J.) so FUBAR Marketing has decided to "modify" the reminder to read) - 


Be sure to visit the newest in the FUBAR Publishing News, the FUBAR Entertainment Group repertoire - CHEEKY MONKEY's photo blog/online journal.  UPDATED and sorted by year, the monkey has over 5 albums and 800+ captioned photos, the monkey is swingin'?...


"He Gets Around..."

And lastly, here's yet another installment of WTF...

The "New" Periodic Table! Apparently the "Nylon" cage wasn't enough to contain the Kid!?...

Alright kiddos, it's pajama time!  So brush your teeth, wash your faces and settle in as Uncle "Creepy" Dave tells you about the time the FUBAR's came from behind to beat our nemesis "Ground Effect" EVEN though we were short-manned with only 8 players!?....

Until next time, this has been your faithful reporter dishing out the latest quarterly load of gruel!  Enough FUBAR for ya?!...


Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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