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Final REUNIONS, FUBARchives FREE online NOW & the Heir Apparent!

Little Dude makes his baseball debut at 3rd Base!


Hello FUBARians...

       How are we this second quarter of 2011 I'm sure many of you have been wondering just where the heck has the FNC been!?

       Well, since the last update, the FUBAR Upper Management has been extremely busy with the final visits of the 2010 "Mini-Reunions", work and of course the great FUBARHQ flood of 2011!  In addition, the FNC has also made some cut-backs in it's Technical Dept. and thus has seen a reduction in web-updates due to a man-power shortage?!...   So, our apologies for the lack of an update near the end of 2010 and our nearly 7 month hiatus!

       OK, all that said, finishing the 2010 "Reunion" year, the Cyber Kid made his way back out west, to the city of Denver, and was able to visit with FUBAR Hall-Of-Fame Captain Scott "The Horrible" Hager!  Reminiscing about old FUBAR times, talks with the former FUBAR officer quickly turned to the Cyber Kid's presidential run and a possible appointment in the FUBAR cabinet?  Scott had this to tell reporters when asked about the meeting; "Yeah, Dave's still crazy as ever!?..."  When asked about whether he would take an appointment if Dave actually won, he said, "We'll have to wait and see!?  I'm holding my cards close at the moment!"  I guess as most of the developing stories in Dave's campaign, we'll have to wait and see how this one plays out as well!

Scott "The Horrible" Hager & The Cyber Kid


       Well despite the technical cutbacks, The Cyber Kid, along with the FUBAR Publishing Corp. was able to put together a very "large" gift for the FUBAR's world-wide.  In a press conference in the beginning of 2011 the Cyber Kid made this statement; "To my fellow FUBARians. It has been a great 20th anniversary year with all the traveling and mini-reunions but I have one more surprise for you!  After much consideration, it has been determined that the FNC will unlock the FUBARchive vault.  Collecting every FUBAR document in HQ, the FUBAR Press Corp. painstakingly recreated every single FUBAR document and then had them scanned.  Unlike the FUBARchives newsletter anthology sent to select FUBAR's back in 2000 this collection contains all those newsletters as well as never before seen stats, rosters, receipts and photos!  Effectively - every single piece of paper we have pertaining to the FUBAR's!  AND - Best of all, ALL of these documents can be downloaded for free!  Gratis!...  Yes, that's correct, I said free!  Just for you my comrades, a present for 20 years of loyalty and dedication!  By clicking the link provided, you may begin to download any section or the entire FUBARchive!  So please - Enjoy!"



       Lastly, the FUBAR Heir Apparent - Alex, aka "Little Dudicus" has made his diamond debut just over two weeks ago.  Dave "The Cyber Kid" had this to say; "Man, we couldn't be happier with the Little Dude!  He's been working really hard and they have him playing 3rd base just like his old man.  He's also currently .750 at the plate going 3 for 4 with 2 RUNs and an RBI.  I think we found our successor boys and girls?... Oh and they beat the Red Sox - So, I'm pretty good no matter how the rest of the season goes!?   ;oP"

       For more info about Alex's baseball endeavors, be sure to check out the Darth M News and Alex's photo gallery!



       In other news here's a look at the Cyber Kid's next three "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS!" campaign posters...     


Little Dude after a second victory!



POSTER #1 - w/ Supporter Kaitlin POSTER #2 - w/ Supporters Stacy, Nancy & Stephanie POSTER #3 - w/ Supporter Lauren


So, be sure to come back next quarter when we explain this picture -


"NO!  That's a BAD AJ!?"

AND, this picture!?...

  "Do.  Or do not.  There is no try."
OH yeah - This one too!?...

Well that's all for this quarter; glad to be back!?


Be sure to visit the newest in the FUBAR Publishing News, the FUBAR Entertainment Group repertoire - CHEEKY MONKEY's photo blog/online journal.  UPDATED and sorted by year, the monkey has over 5 albums and 800+ captioned photos, the monkey is swingin'?...


"He Gets Around..."

And lastly, here's yet another installment of WTF...

For those really "raw" games of tennis!?... "There's something on the website!"

Well kids, it's that time!  I know the suspense is killing you already but, as always and until next time, this has been your faithful reporter dishing out the latest quarterly load of gruel!  Enough FUBAR for ya?!...


Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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