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The Cyber Kid in East Asia; The Cyber Kid in Central America and quite frankly, Where the #3!! has the Cyber Kid been for the past 7 months?! - You #@%$* Slacker!


FUBAR Hall-Of-Famer - Dave "The Cyber Kid" in station E-23 "Roppongi" (Tokyo, Japan!)


Hello FUBARians,

       Hope all is well this 3rd quarter of 2012?! Yes, we totally bypassed (e.g. blew-off) the 2nd Quarter!  Now, despite what rumors you may have heard that the FNC doesn't care anymore, we want to assure you that the FNC has been REALLY, REALLY busy doing all kinds of FNC stuff!... You know, updating pictures of the FUBAR Mini-Elite (Jessica & Alex), Training the next generation of FUBAR All-Stars (Alex) in Baseball, Flying planes (e.g. campaigning) around the domestic US at nearly the speed of sound (Or at least .78% of it!) AND when able, drinking mass quantities of Coffee and BEvERageS!?...  So, keep in mind that, while most of you haven't done a damn thing, here's what we've (You're highly trained, motivated and well-compensated FUBAR Upper Management Team (FUMT)) has been up too! 

       So as we've passed the halfway point of the year of the apocalypse (Now, just over 5 months to get your house in order before the ball starts to spin off the axis) and while we here are not fearing the end of mankind, we have all this good $#!+ to report!  So, grab a freakin' BEvERage (as we've been enjoying many during this process!?) and let's get into it, shall we?!...

       So, back in February, the Cyber Kid was asked, and honored, to make a journey to Tokyo, Japan to stand as the "Best Man" in a friends wedding!  Not to pass up the opportunity to visit a new country (and part of the world) the Cyber Kid packed all his necessary belongings (Some clothes, stuffed monkey (Cheeky) AND a Drinking Hat!) and made his way over to East Asia!  (Can you say "Foreign Campaign" people?!)

       Anyway, a Business Class Seat (as if there's any other way to travel on your FUBAR dues dime?!) and 10+ hours later, The Cyber Kid touched down in Tokyo's Narita International Airport...  Not only did the Cyber Kid have a "mini" entourage waiting, it took merely five hours for the Cyber Kid (along w/ said "mini" entourage) to arrive at the Hooters of Tokyo, Japan and begin the East Asian FUBAR "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS! campaign!?...

       Hitting the ground running, the Cyber Kid was able to campaign for his cause alongside some of Tokyo's "upper crust" and hopefully make his case for his Presidential Bid?  "Mater Numba' Won!"  was heard from many of the Japanese people (as well as, "We ruv Matsui") as the Cyber Kid made his way throughout the city!

       "Man, I LOVE Tokyo!"  the FUBAR CEO was quoted as saying as he continued to see all the sights Tokyo had to offer?!...  At one point, the Cyber Kid was "asked" to stop taking pictures at the Tsukiji Fish Market and was quoted as saying; "I have to tell you;  While I do love this place and it's fascinating, when YOU have the camera and take pictures of them, they're not so keen!?...  Ironic if you ask me?"

The Cyber Kid w/ FUBAR fan/supporters Terrence & Kaori @ Matsuya.


       With February coming to a close, the Cyber Kid spent March (most of it updating photos from Japan), April & early May continuing to campaign in Miami, FL,  New York City, NY (including St. Patty's Day), Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Minneapolis, MN before heading out to Central America - Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica!

       Having a little fun in the sun, the FUBAR CEO headed down to Costa Rica for a wedding of long-time FUBAR fan - Andrea V. & Cyrus!   Making for the second exotic wedding destination, the FUBAR Wonder-kid of course took the opportunity (and more of your dues dollars) to go  zip-lining AND get some time in the surf!  Seeing as how Puerto Viejo boasts of the heaviest & strongest waves and the Cyber Kid is one of the lightest and weakest surfers in the world, the event would be entertaining for all!

       Of course the Cyber Kid also found some time to hit Hooters of San Jose and push his "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS!" campaign!  "Can't hurt to get a little "foreign pressure" when it comes to election time!?...


The Cyber Kid (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica)


Cyber Kid w/ Hooters Girl Dayana!


       So with the close of May, the Cyber Kid was busy back in FHQ (aka "The Nerdery")  once again scrutinizing, selecting and updating pictures for various FHQ albums.  With some 2000+ pictures to caption and upload from the Tokyo and Costa Rica tours, the only time remaining was left for work and coaching Alex "Little Dude" Mater in baseball (which started in April!  Be sure to see the DARTH M News page for all those updates!!!)

       However, the Cyber Kid was back in Florida doing some work/campaigning and never to miss an opportunity to discuss FUBAR current events and World Domination, FUBAR COO Mark "Armadillo"  took a drive out to "discuss" plans!

       "It was productive.  We always have items on the agenda no matter how busy the FHQ seems to appear!  Worked on some more campaign pledges, discussed FUBAR Worlwide Corp., FUBAR Games and of course had some wings!  All in all - status quo really!?"  was the FUBAR CEO's statement leaving the meeting!

       "Man that kid can talk!" was all "The Armadillo" could say!  "Oh and no more tea, thank you!?..."  Papparazzi following Mark reported he made no less than 3 potty breaks on his way back to Numenor Kennels!

Avocado drinks his bodyweight in tea!?



       Finishing out the second quarter of 2012, the Cyber Kid continued his campaigning in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, back into New York City for a couple days including paying respect at the 9/11 Memorial and finally a trip out to Sin City, Las Vegas, NV for a day of R&R!  (Where again the dues money really came in handy at the roulette table!  Thanks again!?...)

       So, that brings us to where we are today - plugging away at it all!  Finally an update along with over 1000+ new pictures in all the respective FUBARHQ photo albums (CAPTIONED!), INCLUDING ALL-NEW travel adventures from Cheeky Monkey at www.SwingerMonkey.net!!!  Let's just say, while it's ben a while, the content HAS been flowing!  Anyway, Hope you enjoy!?...


The Cyber Kid and Armadillo enjoy a BEvERage at Hooters!


       Finally, on the Lighter side, the FHQ marketing has had such a success (and fun, we'll admit it!) with the new "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE BAIT!" posters supplementing the "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS!" campaign, that they just released SIX (you read right, "SIX" - because we blew off the 2nd quarter!) new posters using the various slogans including (if you can find it) the newest one; "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET A FREE SHIRT!!!!  So get out there and cast your vote!!!   So, Anyway, here's your brand spankin' new dose of Campaign Posters!

POSTER #1 - w/ Supporter Adrienne POSTER #2 - w/ Supporters Nanae & Naoko POSTER #3 - w/ Supporters Hallie
POSTER #4 - w/ Supporter Tiffany POSTER #5 - w/ Supporter Kalei POSTER #6 - w/ Supporter Dayana.



       The Cyber Kid was asked to provide the D-Mobile III (aka "The Beast") again for the final episode of The Variants - Season 3.  Always willing to lend a hand, the Cyber Kid took the reigns as vehicle stunt coordinator for the driving scenes!  So, be sure to watch Season 3 when it begins launching WEEKLY episodes this FALL.  ALSO - Don't forget to check out the Cyber Kid, along with the D-Mobile III (aka "The Beast") was a featured extra "Officer Handlebar" in the Season 2, Episode 1 premiere of the break-out web hit The Variants

       The Variants follows the zany adventures of comic shop proprietor, Richard and his loyal band of store employees, Barry, Kelli, Joe and the elusive Vlad as the (mostly) quartet find themselves in the most precarious of situations.  For more information about the show or to watch the episode click any of the respective links below -


Season 2 Episode 1

(My Scene starts at 6:40)


Also, be sure to come back next quarter when we explain this "A.J. Sighting"  picture...


A.J. & The Cyber Kid w/ FUBAR Fan Anna!


and this sighting!?...


The Cyber Kid & A.J. @ Yankees vs. Rangers - Game2!


Well that's all for this quarter;

As always, don't forget you can download the COMPLETE FUBARchives 2011 edition!  Unlocking the FUBAR vaults, every FUBAR document in HQ, the FUBAR Press Corp. has been painstakingly recreated  scanned.  Unlike the FUBARchives newsletter anthology sent to select FUBAR's back in 2000 this collection contains ALL of those newsletters as well as NEVER BEFORE SEEN stats, rosters, receipts and photos!  Effectively - EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER we have pertaining to the FUBAR's!  DON'T FORGET - IT'S ENTIRELY FREE!!!  By clicking the link provided, you may begin to download any section or the entire FUBARchive!  So please - Enjoy!"




Be sure to visit the newest in the FUBAR Publishing News, the FUBAR Entertainment Group repertoire - CHEEKY MONKEY's photo blog/online journal.  UPDATED and sorted by year, the monkey has 6 albums and 1000+ captioned photos (Not to Mention the UN-CUT album - if you can find it!?  featuring 250+ pics of the monkey in the raw!?); The monkey is swingin'?...


"He Gets Around..."

And finally, here's yet another installment of WTF...


Does it bite?

Gotta love Freedom of Speech! (edited for a "PG" rating)

Well gang, until next time, this has been your faithful reporter with the latest, tardiest amount of drivel!  Enough FUBAR for ya?!...


Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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